August 01, 2005

MIAMI u care

I won't be posting much more today because I am going to Miami for an undisclosed amount of time with the latest beau.I'm sure due to the huge lack of comments that both my sites recieves,that if anybody cared I wouldn't know.Sure both sites gets 1,000's of hits a week and it grows weekly and why shouldn't they.They are some of the best blogs of it's kind and I put a lot of effort into them,a lot! It's not easy finding hot pics,stories,and gossip that no one else talks about and the other stuff I do.
Now don't get me wrong I don't do this for the comments or accolades but some appreciation like nice site or bad site or even a fuck you,you rich bitch(I miss those) just to show me you're out there would be fab.It's hard to visit lesser(i mean,other) sites and see like a trillion comments on the same shit that I discussed weeks before.This is not for the people(person or 2) that leave me comments,or the people that send me e-mails(that's sweet but I just can't answer all those e-mails) or the people that steal my style,pics,gossip,and other without giving me credit(imitation means I'm doing something right).I'm really gonna contemplate the future of both of my sites this week.Anyway,even if nobody liked it,I really enjoyed my time blogging.It would be cool to leave blogging in a really dramatic rant and depart the blog world the same way I came...fabulous!
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It would totally break my ickle heart if you were to leave the blogosphere for good. We need you here, just like we need Bernard and Red and AmericaBlog.

It just wouldn't be the same without you, Holiday.

By Blogger Jyl, at August 01, 2005  

Hey Kutey,
Fugg all the peeps that dont leave any comments. I guess everyone doesnt have the burning desire to put their two cents in on EVERYTHING like my black azz... but... hey, I enjoy it. And people are reading your stuff... Like I wrote on my blog a few posts ago, you never know who may be checking you, and how this can help you towards your writing goals. So keep on writing and sharpening your craft. You and I both know you are fly... and our opinions are the only ones that count anyway. LOL

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 01, 2005  


Honestly I get about a hundred hits a day. And of those 100, maybe 6 people comment.

I'm not good at math but I know thats a small percentage, maybe 6%. It doesn't matter, your counter has the info you need to move forward. It's really about advertising honey.

You can make money if you are getting all of those hits. Just contact stores and tell them of your popularity. Make yourself a press kit. Retailers and other websites would PAY to get a link on yr blog if it would guarantee them more exposure.

It's the way to dot-com sweetie.

We're here, we're reading.

Chin up.

By Blogger SMW, at August 01, 2005  

I am not a blogger...but I do enjoy your site. I would hate to see you leave what you like doing because people don't want to leave comments. You never know who might read your blog...and take you some place higher and then we will all have to pay for your Keep up the good work!

By Anonymous Da Zealous One, at August 02, 2005  

Nice site lady, keep up the good work!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 02, 2005  

I definitely get a kick out of both of your blogs and would hate to see you leave.

I do have a confession to make. I loved your profile pic with just your eyes & face & I stole that idea for my little pic. As you've seen...*LOL*. bitch (I say that in the most flaterring way...*LOL*), don't you leave! Keep on plugging and I concur with smw & da zealous one, you never know who'll come across your site & take it to the next level.

By Blogger E, at August 02, 2005  

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