August 10, 2005


Many people think they have what it takes to be considered a "diva",most don't have a clue.That's why the world needs more people like myself:giving,selfless folks that will help train the
This is actually for entertainment purposes only and not to be tried at home.Divaliciousness is a learned skill and not to be done by the untrained.
You're at a club and when you go to the bathroom to freshen up you see someone wearing the same outfit as you.Do you:
a-Immediately go home and change.
b-"Mistakenly" spill something on theirs.
c-Pay them no mind because you look better in it.

The answer is all of the above.Being a diva you of course feel bad that they tried to copy your style and failed terribly,so you offer them the chance to go home and change immediately before you mistakenly spill something on the outfit that you obviously look better in,you even call the cab for them.

A man approaches you on the street while you're with your crew and he is far from your standard of dick,he says "Hi, haven't we went out on a date once or twice?" You reply:
a-Maybe,you do look kind of familiar.
b-No you must have me mistaken,I'm a diva.
c-Must've been once,I never make the same mistake twice.

The answer is c of course.Never tell people you're a diva,that's like telling people you're just are.

You have $20 to your name and it has to last you for a few days but you are low on some much needed luxury items(cheap,but luxury just the same) What do you buy?
a-carfare, and lunch for the next few days
b-The latest Vogue and a manicure
c-you spend it all on a nice lunch

Trick question,a diva never has only $20.Where is your credit cards,rich boyfriend,bank accounts...get it together sweeties.

A diva is always bothered by men that think they could have a chance with them.It's up to you how far they will go and not go...9 times out of 10 the man will never be good enough.So here's another scenario for you:

You are at a really expensive restaurant and your date has went to the bathroom.A gorgeous man walks over knowing that you are on a date and says while licking his lips "haven't I seen you somewhere before?"
and you say:
a-no but I'd like to see more of you.
b-Yes,that's why I don't go there anymore
c-I'm a diva...leave

The answer is's cute and he had no business trying to mess up your little date with his mess.

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