August 03, 2005


Those of you not familiar with me and just know me from this blog.Let me tell you something about me.I don't do a damn thing or go anywhere unless I'm getting V.I.P. type treatment.That's how you should treat all guests that come over to your house.I mean isn't your house your palace?So treat the guests royally and you'd be their queen(or king).Now,what I'd like to give tips on today is throwing a classy,a-list type of BBQ on a low budget.
Summer is almost over and your ass has been to all the backyard BBQ's with the paper plates and the Heineken's in the plastic cups,while June Bug and Auntie Rose are doing the bump in the Soul Train line.Those can be fun(so I've heard) but sometimes you wanna switch the game up some and come up with something different.
These tips are for those with a backyard or acess to one but it can be tweaked for the parks also.
Lay out your basic "floor plan:"
Planning the space before the party is key. First, decide if guests will be seated at tables or will be eating while standing or seated in the nearest lawn chair.
When I had my family over recently for a Sunday afternoon get-together, I pulled out some of my favorite Oriental rugs in smaller sizes that I had rolled up for the summer and created seating areas under shady trees.You could also get some really inexpensive and cute blankets.
Plan for a main buffet table for entrees, salads, side dishes and condiments.Find a really great tablecloth for the main table something bright and classy,or you could get a large,cheap,and great looking curtain.
Dress up the tables: Use paper for drink napkins only, and bring out cloth napkins and linens to the party. Arrange silverware in inviting "take-one" containers like plant pots, cachepots or other imaginative containers,for the backyarders you could go and get the good dishes(these are all adults) and there are some really great disposable plates in colorful hues available these days for the park people.I like to use my Kate Spade tidbit plates.Don't forget to get some really great glasses for people to drink out of,even if they're plastic champagne or wine glasses,they seem to add a touch of class.
Centerpieces can be as simple as small containers of Gerbera daisies or impatiens, along with greenery, or even bowls of summer fruit or veggies. I like to use these huge mugs (like the kind they used in Friends) and put the tops of the really big sunflowers on them.
Light up the night: If your gathering will take you into the evening, add a little romance with lighting. Strands of small clear lights look wonderful woven through trees, shrubs or fencing and they are available in lots of different shapes and styles. Hurricane lanterns will stay lit even if it becomes breezy, and they can double as centerpieces.
My favorite mode of lighting — candles — can sit on tabletops in small jars or holders, or as a grouping. Consider the citronella variety if insects are a concern.
If a lot of young ones will be a part of the festivities, come up with some creative ways to keep them entertained. You might want to have an eating table just for the children. Try covering it in white butcher paper. Have crayons available and let them draw to their heart's content.
The object is to still have that same bbq that you're used to and love but add a little touch of elegance to change it up a little(if you haven't already).Cheers darlings!

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Great post...I will be utilizing this BBQ advice in a few weeks. The biggest idea is about rugs for people to sit on... very cute. Thanks!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 03, 2005  

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