August 02, 2005


As many of you know,T.I. is one sexy motherfucka.Known as the King of the South he has been tearing up the airwaves and making young girls(and some guys) wet at the thought of him.T.I. is not single ladies(and some gentleman) he has been seeing former member of R&B group Xscape,Tiny,and they even had a baby together recently.I recently obtained a pic of little King(yup,that's what she named him) and although all babies are beautiful,some are not cute.You be the judge,be honest now.

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I saw this baby before and all I can say, nice jumper.

He looks like his momma.

By Blogger Arriet Till, at August 02, 2005  

T. I. Why???

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 02, 2005  

he look like his momma...bless his heart

By Blogger lj, at August 02, 2005  


By Blogger SMW, at August 02, 2005  

A mess...who's house is that w/that TV antenna from the 80's?

By Blogger The Church Boy, at August 02, 2005  

Wow...that is scary.

By Blogger E, at August 02, 2005  

He look like his mama...maybe he'll grow into it...bless him

By Blogger Valentino, at August 03, 2005  

i guess i know what to expect, but that's not a nice thing to suggest.

By Blogger CultStatus, at August 03, 2005  

yall mean

By Anonymous Anonymous, at December 10, 2006  

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