August 15, 2005


I attended a party a few years ago in Atlanta.It was a housewarming party for a celebrity friend of mine and it was the place to be if you were anybody.I was introduced to her latest "friend" and he was definitely Kept Man material.About 6'5", very light complexion with ethnic features, a chiseled jaw line and piercing gray eyes.She asked me to keep him company while she mingled and me being the nice sweet man hungry girl that I was,I accepted(I mean they're only friends right?)
We spoke for at least 40 minutes and I found out a lot in that short time.He's funny as hell,smart,witty,flirtatious,bi-sexual,a professional massage therapist and an escort.Yes people the gorgeous friend is a man-whore.And seeing the previews for Deuce Bigelow Male Gigolo made me want to give "Big D" a call(from that night at the party we've since become very good friends and still call each other at least twice a month)He is the male version of Karrine Steffans and is only telling his story to moi.He resides in Miami at the moment so we had to do our interview over the phone.
Big "D"- Hey's NYC?
Me-She's fine..she has a fever right now but she's fabulous. How's Miss Miami?
'Big D"-Spanish
Me-LOL...Let's get down to business.When I met you,you told me that you were a professional escort,are you still doing that?
"Big D"-I love this,look at're like Barbra Walters an shit.Yes I'm still ho"ing".
Me-Don't call it that.
Big D-It is what it is Ma.
Me-So how long have you been escorting.?
Big D-let's say since I was 17.I wasn't professional,but I had women and men buying stuff for me in exchange for my company or a little freaky sneaky since then.
Me-How did you get started?
Big D-Professionally?
Me- Yeah
Big D-I was 17 and living with my moms in NYC.LES(Lower East Side) and a guy approached me about doing some modeling.I was like yeah right.I've had guys coming on to me since I was 13 and started developing early an shit.I was getting pecs, a fat ass, my dick started to grow,and I was 5'10.
Me-At 13 you were 5'10? Whew.
Big D-Yup.I remember even my mother's female friends started flirting with me tryna holla an shit.At 13.
So, I forgot what i was saying...
Me-The modeling guy.
Big D-yeah so this n***a gonna tell me that I have a good face and body for modeling, but I didn't buy his shit at all.Picture my ass doing GAP commercials.
Me-are you serious?You know that you're gorgeous D.You could be a model.
Big D-Now here you go.LOL..nah I ain't know shit bout that just seemed to white and bright and that wasn't what I knew.So he gave me his card.He said If I changed my mind to call him.He said I could be making some quick,easy money.and you know,well maybe yo ass don't know but most people know that you can't tell no boy from the hood that he can make quick easy money.I came from a poor ass family with my mother, her boyfriends,sometimes girlfriends and my 2 fucked up uncles.
Me-You told me about your uncles,do you wanna talk about that?
Big D-I'll just say a little,I was molested by both of them,for like a year.Till I got fed up and put a knife to one of them and said I'll kill them in their sleep if they ever tried that shit again and it stopped.
Me-Do you think that's what gave you that "ice coldness" when it comes to sex?
Big D- well it's that and a whole bunch of other shit I don't wanna be interviewed about but me and you can talk about Ma.
Me-No problem D
Big D-So the n***a card said Adult Entertainment on it and I didn't know what the fuck that was but I called anyway.I told him I was the guy he met yesterday and I wanted to get PAID.He told me to come over later and he would have a meeting and a test shoot with me. I went over to the oofices which was in a big ass ritzy building and it had a waiting room, a conference room,it wasn't at all what the fuck I thought it would be.I came in and he explained to me that he owned an adult entertainment business..he managed exotic dancers,not the ones in the small fucked up clubs,real exotic dancers that had classy venues and tour the world an shit.He had contacts with magazines and websites and got models from his agency to model for them.Actors and actresses for porn movies and escorting business that his brother/partner ran.
Me-What was that first meeting like?
Big D- Well No,seriously it was cool.I was impressed with how business like everything was.He told me that with a face like mine,I could make money doing the adult magazines and he said the straight ones was cool but the money was in the gay.So I had a test shoot and I guess it went well because 3 days later he called telling me that he not only wanted to sign me but 2 magazines was interested in me,both gay.I was cool with that because I ain't had shit to hide,I dated girls and guys,just like my mother and the hood knew that shit.I was 16 and had 2 drug dealers have a shoot out over me.LOL
Me-That's very Oz.
Big D-LOL...So I had to wait 6 months before I took any pictures cuz I was 17 and was about to turn 18 after the 6 months.I did a gay black magazine called Black Inches for what was the most they ever paid a nobody.
Me-Why was that?
Big D- Because I was 18,a hot ass n***a,new,fresh,i had a pretty face,a hard body and a big dick.
Me-my,aren't we full of ourselves..
Big D- Yes,WE good looking people know that they are good looking,people always want us to pretend like we don't know.Do you have pictures on your website?
Big D-Of you bitch.
Me-No,well one of just my eyes.
Big D-Don't put one of me either,my clients wouldn't like that shit at all.
Me-Alright,get back to the were young fresh blah blah
Big D-So I was the most they paid for a newbie..
Me-which was?
Big D-I swear I spent it so quick I don't really wasn't nothing.
Big D-I wasn't even on the did some of the other magazines,a couple of websites.Then I tried dancing and I traveled all over...Australia loved me,Paris,London,Japan was hot,and of course here in good ol' USA.
Me- D,How did you get into escorting?
Due to my hand getting tired,I will continue this interview through out the week.Believe me it's honest,sad,funny,and yet still grown and sexy.

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Good interview!

"Big D- Yes,WE good looking people know that they are good looking,people always want us to pretend like we don't know."

Now ain't this the TRUTH! ~sigh~

And I thought I was conceited for thinking this way.


By Blogger SMW, at August 15, 2005  

great interview... Holiday you are getting good at this... go ahead mama! lol

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 16, 2005  

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