August 16, 2005


(PART 1)

Big D-Well, I had made some alright money doing the photo shoots and I noticed that the guys that went a step further in their shoots made more money.
Me-What do you mean by going a step further?
Big D-It's like you're having sex and going through all the motions but the photographer stops you to get a position for a shot,to get different lightings,and then the money shots(the ejaculation shots).So,me being young and greedy,I decided to sell my soul and go that route.
Me-Why do you say sell your soul?Does it feel like that?
Big D-I did,we do.I don't think there is a physical devil that asks you for your soul,the devil comes in the form of opportunities.It's the moment when you're faced with doing some shit you know is wrong and you decide to do sold a piece of your soul.I don't think I have any pieces left lol.
Me-That's deep D,and it's sad.
Big D-It's true.So anyway,I started doing the porn photo shoots and making a couple of dollars doing that.I really hated that shit.There was a bunch of druggies taking X and and a whole bunch of other shit and these were n****s I would never ever no ever never look at let alone fuck.
So I called my manager and told him I quit.
Big D-Yup.I was tired of that bullshit.So my manager suggested that that I give escorting a try.He said that the clientele was pre-screened and with my looks and ability to be homeboy when I wanted and be the ultimate college type kid I could make some real money.
Me-When I met you you were not homeboy at all,we spoke about art and shit.
Big D- LOL...I remember that,for some reason I told you all my business that night.
Me-So D,what was your first experience escorting like?
Big D- Before I answer that I answer that i just wanna say that we all are escorts,just in different ways.A professional ho is just honest about it.
Me-You know you gotta explain that.
Big D-Anybody that has a job that is not their own business is being pimped by their employers.The lady that wants money or whateva from their boyfriend or husband so she's being really sweet,or cooks him his favorite meal,or even gives up the ass is prostituting.Groupies.Flirting your way into a party or out of a ticket.We all have done or are doing some sort of escorting...period. are so much like Karrine it's crazy.
Big D-I know that's your girl but she is a wreck,she needs to stop.She wanna sit up here and like she's done with that life for good and me and you know better,bitch bye.
Me-No comment.So I repeat,tell me about your first escorting experience?
Big D-My manager's brother ran the escort place and it was about 20 guys all good looking all different types.We filled out some forms filled with things we were willing to do,not do,might do.It was cool because we had classes where we learned how to escort had social classes,we had group sessions where we discussed our problems,we learned about sex things like golden showers,s&m,toys,all kinds of shit..
Me-You went to Ho school?
Big D-LOL...So after you completed a certain amount of classes your pictures were taken and you were matched with guys that wanted to be with you and we read their bios and decided if we wanted them.The management got 30% of everything.I charged what I thought was an outrageous price because I figured that I would get rich people that way.The first guy I chose was an older guy,he was about 45 and he was attractive,and he just wanted someone to be his workout buddy and come home to shower with him 3x a week.What's funny is we didn't speak at the gym we just worked out,and the only thing he used to say at his house was like you wanna towelor could he wash my back or could I wash his.After the 30% was taken out I made about 1400 a week.This other client I had was somebody in the record business like a manager or something and he got me for a rapper.He wasn't that famous but he was known in the rap world..very cute very thugged out.I used to meet him at different hotels and we would fuck and sometimes he wanted to watch me and somebody else,a girl sometimes or a guy.
He was mad cool and he would always gimme something extra like some free clothes,concert tickets,cd's.One time we were in the lobby leaving the hotel and we ran into a couple of his boys and some strippers checking in.He got petro and I stepped in and said yo..maybe I'll go back upsatirs and make sure the bitches don't steal nothing,there wasn't any bitches but I went upstairs and spent the night in the room.The next time his manager called for me he said that the rapper was so fuckin happy that I did that shit cuz he knows that I can be trusted and stay cool.He told other people that got down in the industry about me and I was hitting the road sometimes,I was flown in,I was bought fly shit.I was told to act like I was somebody's cousin,friend from the hood,manager,asst,.I guess because I could pass for straight n****s loved me. much money did you make?
Big D-I started off 500-600 an hr and then it just started becoming a flat rate.Like ok you want me to fly to D.C. so you could fuck me while your boy watches that's $6,000 plus my travel and hotel.At that point I didn't need my agency anymore so I was keeping all the money.
Me-So what's like the timeframe of all of this?
Big D-From the moment I started to the point where I was a free agent was 3 years.I went from just enough to have nice clothes and a few trips,to buying my second car and my first condo.Life was good.
Me-How were you mentally though?
To be continued.Carpal Tunnel doesn't go well with my new fall clothes.

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Its so interesting to read stories like this becuase it makes it clear that Superhead's story isnt all that unique. There are beautiful people out there that are living this life. And I agree with him... we all prostitute ourselves a little to get what we want, whether its working a boring azz 9 to 5 for 5 years... or sukking a dick... (although option two is a lil more graphic... at least its done in 5 minutes... 5 years is torture...)

Maybe there is a future in man-whoring... lol I think I might have found my next career move... lol

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 16, 2005  

I agree with Prodigal ( except for the five minutes thing...huh?) But its very interesting...I always wondered what all the boys in the entourage's REAL jobs were...if u watch documentaries like Backstage and you see all these dudes, you're like who's that one that never says nothin...I remember watching something on MTV was like a rapper roundtable where they admitted that its no secret that some rappers who bring their boyfriends or fuck friends with them on tour or whatever...Interesting indeed...

By Blogger Valentino, at August 16, 2005  


For real?

I don't have a SINGLE gay male friend so I had no idea about any of this stuff. It still shocks me every time I read any of it.

The men act so hard all the time. I can't imagine anyone I know being gay. It's wild!

Maybe one of them IS! And they won't admit it to anyone.

By Blogger SMW, at August 16, 2005  

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