August 17, 2005


PARTS 1 & 2

Big D-My mental?My mental used to be so fucked up...until
Big D-Sorry there was this UPS guy outside
Me-I love them
Big D-Me too,we should have 3some
Me-You can't afford me
Big D-Until it came to me,I was on the road to self hatred and drugs because I was living what I considered a fucked up life and then it just hit's just a job...fucking,sucking,and all that other shit is just my job.
Me-so what position do you play sexually?
Big D-I love having sex and when I'm dating someone on the romantic tip I give them all of me,but when it comes to escorting I'm a top.I mean I used to do it all but I mean by doing that,what's special when it comes to me and mines fucking?
Me-So are you seeing someone right now?
Big D-Yup.He's a really good guy.Very understanding,he knows me,and sees through all my bullshit.Cool as fuck.
Me-Awww in love?
Big D- Maybe.I believe that love is kinda changes and if you or your partner can't keep up with the's over.That's why I'd always prefer having really great friends..that love almost never changes,you never feel insecure,there's nothing to hide.
Me-Have you ever really liked a client?
Big D-lustfully yeah.But like I said it's a job.
Me-So you have female clients?
Big D-Yup,but they are older women that wanna show me off..the white people like to show me off but the black people make every arrangement to make sure my ass is never seen.
Me-How do clients find you?
Big D-It's word of mouth,I used to have a website...but I don't have any new regualrs pay me enough to live the way I want.
Me-What was the most you ever made?
Big D-A diamond dealer had me staying in his Antigua home for the whole summer,well July and August and he never showed up.Every week he paid me for another week telling me he was going t be there soon...he was stuck in Africa on business.
Me- That's hot.I know there heas to be some horror stories too.
Big D-Of course baby.There was a time when I was with this client and he went into the bathroom to wash up and came out high as hell and started to beat the shit out of me saying that I made him gay,he's a boxer...and no it's not Mike Tyson so tell your readers to pick up their jaws.
Me-Damn,did you press charges?
Big D-No,it's part of my whole reason why I have so many high profile clients is because I keep my mouth shut..I will never write a book and this is the only interview I will ever do.
Me-How long do you think you'll be doing this?
Big D-I actually have a plan and in another year I'll be retiring my dick from the biz.
Me-Good,I want you stop so we can do St. Tropez or chill in Australia,and I'm gonna find you a nice lil
Big D-You swear?I really want to.I wanna enjoy life...I feel so old and I'm only 26.
Me-I promise.So what's your plans?
Big D-I'm saving to buy me the house I rent out here.I'm gonna start a business or 2.You need to lend me your daddy's financial people.
Me-What would you wanna say to all the people that are thinking they might wanna try escorting?
Big D-This is my story and I've been lucky to meet some great contacts and live a very comfortable life doing this ain't for's a very lonely,dangerous,and soul selling business.People have been raped,killed,all kinds of shit.Shit,be like Trump or Oprah why would somebody wanna be like me?

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