August 18, 2005


I interrupt Grown and Sexy Week to bring you this What the Fuck Moment. Carrot Top,corny comedian,rail thin,Ronald McDonald red hair,more freckles than the ass of my Aunt Ruth living in Miami and the 1-800-collect guy,has gotten him a cute lil body.Although his face will never get a girl like me,that body is a definite improvement.Question,When the Fuck,what the Fuck and How the Fuck? Guys take note...there is no reason for you to come up to us at the bar without some abs and a little arm muscle...print these pics as a reminder of what you can achieve if you got off of your lazy asses.

carrot top


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Don't tell anybody but I used to have such a crush on Carrot Top when I was younger!

Now why am I thinking to myself that "Youth is wasted on the young".

Holla back on the show!

By Blogger The Foxybrown Show, at August 18, 2005  

wow... I feel like such a punk.

By Blogger prodigalsun, at August 18, 2005  

Wait 'til you see the new Timbaland!

By Blogger TheBlacks, at August 20, 2005  


By Blogger seedofeve, at August 22, 2005  

yeah... carrotop is something of an anomaly. his face wouldn't pull any weight with me either, but that fit little orange body? um... wow... and am i the only one that finds the slightest hint of pube over the waistband sexy? lmao

By Blogger The Marlo Girl, at August 23, 2005  

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