August 10, 2005


JESSICA SIMPSON-looks stunning leaving a venue at a recent event.The big glasses are definitely a diva do and the k-9 accessory,yummy.
Jessica Simpson
LINDSAY LOHAN-looks ready to party and her extensions are flawless as she exits her ride to what looks like the start of one ol' night.
NICOLE RICHIE-still a little annie rex(anorexic) looking but giving diva just the same,love the bathing suit,love the hair,the shades,and the pose.
JENNIFER LOPEZ-is giving you old school glamour with this look.It's not even any special occassion...just lunch at the Ivy.

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Proceed to and find out the month she was born and then proceed to my other blog and find my post that i did on the date of her birth and read the last comment for the next clue.

By Blogger HOLIDAY N, at August 19, 2005  

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