August 30, 2005


LIL' KIM..QUEEN BITCH FO' REAL(via page six)
LIL' Kim proved herself to be a first-class pain on a USAir flight from Fort Lauderdale to New York last night. The Brooklyn-born "Queen Bee" — who's headed to prison for a year and a day on a Manhattan perjury rap — was almost booted off the plane after a loud argument with a flight attendant. Our on-board snitch texted us, minutes before the 6 p.m. takeoff, "Lil' Kim totally freaked out on the attendant. Some first-class seat mix-up. Called the agent a racist and pulled a 'Do You Know Who I Am?' The attendant had no idea and could have really cared less. Taking off shortly. She's now seated in back row of first class and has to be served by the flight attendant who she fought with. Things seem a little tense up there."
Suge Knight, who was shot in the leg at Kanye West's party at the Shore Club, snatched a bottle of Hennessey from a fellow partygoer before he took the bullet. Knight was making himself a drink at someone else's table when a woman told him to stop. The hip-hop thug responded, "Oh, yeah?" and walked off with the bottle.
* Security was beefed up at several VMA after-parties following the trash-talking between Fat Joe and 50 Cent after Fat Joe cracked, "We can thank G-Unit for all the extra security." During the telecast, 50 and his G-Unit posse ended their performance by yelling, "FUCK Fat Joe! FUCK Terror Squad!" into their mics.
Jamie Foxx had some fun at the expense of O.J. Simpson at Ocean Drive's party at the Loews Hotel. After spotting Simpson, Foxx grabbed a mic and yelled, "It's a killer party — O.J.'s here!" He then commanded the crowd to "Do the O.J." while making a stabbing motion. Other guests included Colin Farrell, Eddie Murphy, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.
According to, Beckford, 34, filed a breach of contract and copyright infringement suit against Diddy for continuing to use his image and likeness in the ad campaign long after his contract had expired.
"What we have here is a blatant case of wrong doing on behalf of Mr. Combs and Sean John," says Beckford's attorney, Kenneth Montgomery. "They willfully continued to use Mr. Beckford's image without permission because he's become known as the face of Sean John."
Beckford, a one time model for Ralph Lauren and Guess, reportedly made several attempts to handle the issue with Diddy personally before filing the lawsuit. The trial is set for Feb. 6 at the Southern District Court of New York.
"Nobody is real anymore! Singers are afraid to sing," began Mo. "Most of them are more concerned with dancing instead of singing. These chicks can't stand alone, either, because most of them have their CEOs in their music video."
Mo says the reason for the current state of "watered down R&B" is "a lot of hip-hop men are behind the singers now." She continued: "They're only concerned with putting out a hot track and having their singers dance. But most of them can't even perform these songs live. At the rate we're at now, we're not going to have any more Gladys Knights, Patti LaBelles and Aretha Franklins."
The Roun'Table/Cash Money Records artist adds there are some singers who "still saaang" and Fantasia, Faith Evans, Monica and Mary J. Blige are among those she credits. "My dream tour would be to go out on the road with Fantasia and Faith. I rock with both of them hard," she said.
The Baltimore-bred belter admits she could do without many of the other girls out now. "I see some of them and ask where is Ashanti when you need her," laughed Mo.
We asked Mo about her rumored beef with newcomer Keyshia Cole that apparently began after Mo made similar comments about new singers on the syndicated Star & Buc Wild Morning Show. "I was in New York at Dream Hotel preparing to do a show. She saw my manager Phil Thornton (of Bright Star Entertainment) and my stylist in the lobby and asked them what they were doing there. When they said they were there to see me, she said, 'You all are traitors. She is the enemy.' Then she stormed off. I heard she was drunk, so I brushed it off and blamed it on the alcohol," recalled Mo.
Sources say a certain conscious rapper probably doesn't realize that his girlfriend's girlfriend is really her girlfriend! That's right, said rapper's gal pal is a part-time lesbian and is apparently cheating on him with a popular female deejay. No one wants to tell the hip-hopper that his missus has a mistress because when it comes to gay life, apparently he doesn't get down.

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ooooh... Jamie is WRONG for (Do the OJ? lol Dont let the jamaicans hear of that... they will make it into a SONG, with an accompanying video & dance)

But... umm... what the hell was OJ doing there at a vma party anyway? He needs to let that go... he bout 82 years old, and not famous in a good way anymore... OJ just needs to let it burn (or bleed whichever works best for him)

By Blogger prodigalsun, at September 02, 2005  

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