August 24, 2005


Top 10 signs you've been single too long..

1-People assume that you're gay and if you're gay and single they assume that you're impotent
2-The man at the adult video store knows you by name
3-Your only lunch dates,late night phone calls and sweet homecooked meals are with your mother.
4-You take extra special care of your left hand..(think about that one)
5-You can't remember the last time you had sex but you do remember you had a flat top at the time
6-If the last time you got a Valentine's day gift you were in braces
7-You hide your sex toys..from your other sex toys
8-Your stink breath,dirty finger nailed, 4 teeth having,onion and garlic smelling friend that wears his ear hair braided is engaged
9-You watch so much porn that you think you're just a pizza delivery away from a good fuck
10-When you got your last prostate exam you came...twice.

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