August 11, 2005


The 70's gave us over the top glam mixed with electric funk,which could be seen from the dance floor of Studio 54 to the television sitcoms of the era.Style was in style and the groovier you were the better.
Divas were characters that you could be sure were giving drama on and offstage,in something fierce.A lot of those women of the past live on in the drag queen shows and vividly emblazoned in the minds of the people who loved them.
Diana Ross was glamour times 10.The long gowns and the big hair were trademarks begging to be intimidated.
Grace Jones-model turned actress turned singer turned many heads with her outrageous shows and her huge presence.Grace embodied the times,loud,colorful,harsh...fabulous
grace jones
Linda Carter-was THE superhero of the 70's.Her All-American costume and statuesque look,sat atop of the most fabulous red boots.Armed with nothing but perfect hair,makeup,and a lasso...this white chick kicked major ass as an icon and a symbol of women's lib.
Pam Grier- was another bad ass icon of the 70's.The epitome of the not to be under estimated or overlooked black woman,Pam "Foxy Brown" Grier was the queen of the blackploitation movie and not only did she kick men's ass in the movies,she gave Hollywood one ol' ass whooping by proving she didn;t have to be a big white star to become an icon.
Farrah Fawcett and Raquel Welch gave many a woman a complex with their great looks,sex appeal and boobs of mass destruction,not too mention being the cause of countless young boys going into simultaneous puberty.

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By Blogger Trent Jackson, at August 11, 2005  

Wonder Woman is actually mixed like you (different nationality tho) - Latina and white.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at August 11, 2005  

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