September 10, 2005


If you're like me,then the stress of Hurricane Katrina has become a lot to handle.Couple that with your own problems and the other daily dramas happening in local news and you have a recipe for a stress-burger with everything.Don't worry,I feel you.Although I'm not a docto I'd like to give some advice that has worked for me:

HELP OUT-Giving anything from canned foods to money will help you feel like you're helping out and you're not just sitting around watching tragedy play out.And by doing so, guess are helping sweetie.
GIVE CNN A REST-Limit your CNN intake.Focusing on past images make it hard to see the future.Listening day in and day out to bad news can't be good for your mental health.How about 1 hour a night?Just to recieve updates.
MAKE A CHILD SMILE-This is similar to helping out but it's focusing on all the children affected by this.Get some friends together and create something like care packages for children.Include an item that they need and one to make them smile.Knowing that you made a child smile should put some of your worries at bay.
DOING SOMETHING IN YOUR OWN HOOD-As a friend so eloquently told me yesterday,"neglect was the real culprit,don't let neglect fuck up your life too."Look at problems in your communities and figure out what you can do to help.
RUN FOR SOMETHING- If you fit the critera of someone that can run for office,why not try?You don't like the way the gov't handles crisis...change it! It sounds crazy,but ordinary people change the world all the time.

I hope I helped in some way.These ideas are not written in stone.You could find your own ways or take some variation of those ideas to work for you.It's not selfish to take care of yourself,it's selfish to take care of yourself and nobody else.Don't feel guilty about being in a better situation than those people,you're blessed.Now help them get in a better situation.

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