September 01, 2005


Celebrities demanded everything from condoms to catfish strips at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night.

50 Cent is the one whose representatives asked for condoms - two boxes of Lifestyles and Rough Riders, to be precise. The rapper also wanted the obligatory bottles of Cristal, but when it came to food, his tastes were simpler: chicken - from KFC and Boston Market - and macaroni and cheese.
And 50 had a kosher request, as well. His demands, scored by In Touch Weekly, say: "There is to be no pork in the food or in the vicinity of 50 Cent's dressing room." Sean Combs didn't want any near him, either.

Red Bull was the energy drink of choice for Green Day and Coldplay - if they ever got through their booze orders. Billie Joe Armstrong and the lads wanted a fifth of silver tequila, a fifth of whisky (Jameson or Bushmill's), a fifth of vodka (Grey Goose, Vox or Belvedere) and four bottles of wine.
Coldplay wanted vodka and wine, plus no fewer than 48 bottles of lager - specifically demanding that no American beers be included. The band's menu was healthier, with organic soup and free-range chicken on the table. But somebody wanted three packs of Marlboro Lights. If it's Chris Martin, wife Gwyneth Paltrow better not find out or she'll pelt him with tofu.

Kanye West may have a big ego, but he made few demands: He just wanted water, salad and Pepsi.

Of course, the ladies are different. Both Shakira and Kelly Clarkson went for atmosphere, with Shakira asking for "relaxed" lighting, drapes over ugly walls and high-quality flowers everywhere; Clarkson wanted vanilla candles.
But what's this? Stardom has not yet spoiled the "American Idol" winner: She actually uses the magic word - "please" - in her contract.


5 comment(s):

1. A masseur
2. The red Monster Energy drinks
3. Sapphire Mist scented candles from Pier 1
4. The same organic & free-range foods that Coldplay asked for
5. Djarum Clove Menthol cigarettes
6. Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice Cream
7. Magazines-- Vanity Fair, Essence, & Veranda

By Blogger ~ Eclectic Soul ~, at September 01, 2005  

My boy runs a jazz festival here in Connecticut that featured Eartha Kitt who sings jazz (who knew, right?)

Anyway, on her rider, it says that she requires an attractive young man from the age of 21 to 29 to assist her back stage... no lie. LOL

ISNT THAT GANGSTA!!! I love that!

The funny thing is... if you are 30, YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR EARTHA KITT!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

As funny as I think that is... I think she is on the right track. Why not have eye candy? Its like the atmosphere stuff of kelly and shakira... but living and breathing.

I would take it a step further... and say STRIPPERS!!! I want lapdances, and plenty of singles... lol

By Blogger prodigalsun, at September 02, 2005  

You go Eartha...*LOL*!

My Demands...
1) A masseur - not a bad idea..:-)
2) Chilled bottles of Propel Water
3) A Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza
4) Haagen Daaz Caramel Cone Ice Cream
5) Magazines: Kiplinger's, Black Enterprise, VIBE

By Blogger E, at September 02, 2005  

1.I want some Holiday in my room. she is hot and I will not proform until she does. LOL

2. Fresh Pineapples flown in thst morning from somewhere fat and exotic.

3. Xbox with tons for games that will not have time to play.

By Blogger Stone, at September 04, 2005  

Wow that is a very very good question but here we go:

I'm not all that dramatic so my rider would be very small:

1) Room temp bottled water (for my voice)
2) Jelly Bellies (all flavors)
3) Sharper Image multi-temp fan (hell i'd bring mine!)
4) William's Chicken (ya'll just don't Know - a two piece with a pepper!)

Thats it! Oh...and most definitely someone would have to coordinate a meet and greet with MIZZ Holiday!

By Blogger Kenny, at September 06, 2005  

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