September 27, 2005


So you've watched each season of America's Next Top Model and secretly casted your own mental vote of who you thought should win.The winner is announced in an over the top finale and tears of joy stream down the newly crowned queen of runway.
What happens next?Are all the women doomed to only have fame through repeats and Surreal Life? I think they should take the word "Top" from the title and just call the show America's Next Model.
Here's a look at what the winners have been up to:

After ANTM: The Jacksonville, Fla., native, who dropped 60 lbs. before the show, posed in Jane magazine and modeled for designer Sue Wong. Her biggest challenge? Heels. "I'm a Converse, Birkenstock girl," House says.
Current Gig: Hosting the Style Network's The Look for Less and inspiring fans. "In L.A., I ordered coffee from a teenage girl, and she started to cry," House has said. "She said I gave her hope, because she was a little chubby."

After ANTM: "I was supposed to get a Revlon contract, but that fell through," the Joliet, Ill., native griped early this year. "We trusted Tyra, but we've all been screwed over." She met boyfriend Christopher Knight last year on VH1's Surreal Life.
Current Gig: Living with Knight, 47, in L.A. and starring in the VH1 reality series My Fair Brady. She'll also appear on the ABC sitcom Hot Properties and in ads for custom-motorcycle shop Beverly Hills Choppers.
After ANTM: The Detroit-born former waitress modeled for Wal-Mart and designer Christopher Deane at New York's recent Fashion Week, filmed an appearance on UPN's Veronica Mars and handed out trophies at the Sept. 18 Emmys. (Best part? "Meeting William Shatner!" she says.)
Current Gig: Touring with former ANTM hopefuls to promote the upcoming season – not that she gets recognized often. "I don't have that mohawk anymore," she says, "so people are like, 'You look very familiar!' "

After ANTM: Eva ("the diva") landed a Cover Girl contract, a runway gig for designer Marc Bouwer and a recurring role on UPN's Kevin Hill. She has also filmed roles in the movies Crossover and Premium, and modeled for Wal-Mart during New York Fashion Week.
Current Gig: Touring, like Naima, to promote the new season of ANTM. "Living under a microscope takes adjusting to, and you're always on," the L.A. native recently told Essence.

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