September 06, 2005


If you're like me(and so many of you are not) then you have been glued to CNN watching the disaster's up to date happenings.Please people,donate,pray,start some kind of drive..our neighbors need it for humanity,do it for the children,do it because it's right or do it because He wants you to...not HIM...him...
I am so loving kanye west these days.I've been waiting for these so called OUTSPOKEN RAPPERS to speak out against something besides the rising price of platinum.Jay-Z needs to get his head out of Beyonce's ass for 1 second and make a fucking stand for something,where's Nas, KRS-1 shit I'll even take Big Daddy Kane.I remember when rappers got involved and weren't afraid to get a little political,instead we have people shucking and jiving..excuse me,hosting award shows...either speak up or change your name next time to TOM.Harsh?Maybe.My opinion?Hell fucking yeah!
Here is a list of bloggers who are blogging from or near New Orleans and the Gulf Coast as compiled by Arts Journal :
Beans...It Happens (reports on conditions in St. Charles Parish and elsewhere)
Black Cat Bone (blogging by a Mississippi artist familiar with New Orleans)
Josh Britton (an essential source for news updates and LSU-related information)
Electric Mist (first-person blogging from Baton Rouge)
Everything and Nothing (blogging from Jackson, Miss.)
A Frolic of My Own (blogging from the New Orleans area)
Eyes on Katrina (a newspaper blog from South Mississippi)
Rex Hammock (blogging from Nashville)
Hurricane Harbor (blogging from Miami)
Hurricane Katrina (blogging from Baton Rouge)
Hurricane Katrina—First Reports (American Association of Museums)
Insomnia (excerpts from postings by New Orleans LiveJournal users)
Katrina and the Arts ( posting at Tyler Green's "Modern Art Notes")
Katrina Help Wiki Portal (a how-to-help info site)
Katrinacane's Friends* (more New Orleans LiveJournal entries)
Kaye's Hurricane Katrina Blog (sporadic postings from Baton Rouge)
Lone Star Times (live blogging from the Astrodome in Houston)
Brendan Loy (an essential source for Katrina-related local newslinks)
Michelle Malkin (a wide-ranging source of links to Katrina-related stories)
Jeff Masters (a highly knowledgeable weatherblogger)
Metroblogging New Orleans (a group blog), a/k/a "The Interdictor" (frequently updated reports from New Orleans)
One Hand Clapping (blogging from Tennessee)
Overtaken by Events
paultwo (a Baton Rouge-based photoblog)
Pitch & Green
Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog (updates from New Orleans)
a small victory (blogging "good-news" stories from New Orleans)
Storm Digest (frequently updated) (blogging and photos from Mississippi)
Tulane University Emergency Information
Updates as They Come In on Katrina (WWL-TV's news blog)

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Thanks Girl for my evening reading and congrats on winning a Blogger Award!

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