September 19, 2005


As you should know by now,the column entitled Glam-Living is about just that.It's doing it up like the big spenders,but in a way that won't leave your pockets hanging out like rabbit ears.
Last week was all about pampering yourself with at home spa treatments.This week I wanna bring you from the spa to a dinner party...your dinner party.

I know some of you are like what the fuck?? And those internet savvy are like WTF?? Either way you say it,I'm not crazy for thinking that you would like to treat some of your friends and or family to a classy dinner party at your house.I'm not talking about ordering a few pizzas,or going to KFC and going bucwild...I'm talking from invitations to a full course meal.As fall and winter quickly appraoches,we tend to do more inside the house things,so why not start off the season with a fun dinner party.
Each day I will bring you a different aspect of dinner party planning and today is the guest list and invitations.

First you have to decide what kind of party do you want to have? Here's a few ideas:
A Dessert Party- This is cool for having after you and your guests had dinner out.The whole theme is desserts.
An Adult Sleepover-not an orgy..just some friends having fun all night and crashing till morning where the party ends with a cute brunch.
Sports Themed Party-If there happens to be a big sporting event that you wanna plan your party around,those are always fun.
The Normal Dinner Party-I mean you have to crawl before you walk,so the party that I will be using as an example is this

One of the key elements to a good dinner party is getting the right mix of people.You wanna make sure that you choose personalities,couples,and singles that would be good company for you and each other.
it's something about an invitation that says that you mean business,the right invite can set the mood for the party weeks before you have it.
Now,this is where you can get really creative depending on the kind of party you're throwing.Let's say that you just wanna have a few people over for appetizers,and some fast food for a "movie night" themed dinner party,how fab would it be to get a little card or sticker saying that "you're invited to movie night at my place" and put it on a bag of microwave popcorn,and hand deliver those to your guests.
Or for the regular dinner party,you can go to a stationary store and get you some great,reasonable cards or invitations.


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