September 01, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 9/01

Don't go dissing Star Jones around Vivica A. Fox.
You might get threatened.
ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel learned that lesson the hard way Tuesday when the sultry actress vowed to beat him with her shoe over his nasty cracks about the "View" panelist, a close friend of hers.
"I don't like when people make negative comments about my friends," Fox E-mailed Lowdown yesterday.
No kidding.
Kimmel didn't get on the phone with me, but Tuesday's interview started badly when he introduced Fox as "perhaps most harrowing of all, Star Jones' bridesmaid" - and it went downhill from there.
"We usually have really great comical moments, but that's my friend. I love her," Fox, wearing a cleavage-revealing jacket, informed her rumpled-looking host. "That's not funny to me."
Several icy exchanges later, the two accused each other of having a bad attitude while aggressively pointing fingers.
"It goes both ways," Kimmel chided.
"I'm desperate to make this work," he pleaded with his guest, who was on his show to plug her Lifetime crime drama, "Missing," and a new women's mag she's fronting called Jolie.
"You know what? The four of us should get together - me, you, Star and [Star's husband] Al [Reynolds]," Kimmel suggested.
Fox responded grimly: "You would get your a- kicked."
"I'm sure I would," Kimmel said. "But that would be funny for you."
"It wouldn't be funny," Fox vowed. "I would have to take off my shoe and beat you down, brotha!"
"Oh, great," Kimmel said. "Three people beating me up. Maybe it isn't such a great idea."
Fox, who'd been expected to stay for the next segment, instead walked off the set - and the camera focused on her empty chair.
As for Jones - the inspiration for all this acrimony - her spokesman told me yesterday: "Star loves and adores Vivica Fox. ... However, she does not watch - and has never watched - 'The Jimmy Kimmel Show.'"
A Japanese fashion house worries its Fashion Week will be trampled by hell-on-heels supermodel Naomi Campbell.
Designer Mal Sirrah claims the superdiva has been trying to blacklist his Sept. 8 Harlem show, all because of a T-shirt.
The top, made as a joke for a Sirrah intern, reads: "Naomi slapped me..." on the front, while the reverse says, "and I slapped that b- back!"
Campbell, who has been seen sporting last season's spoof on her tricky temper, a black tee by Chip+Pepper ("Naomi Hit Me..." on the front, "And I liked it" on the back), must have thought the new design went a step too far.
"We got a telephone call just this morning from one of her underlings, waxing on and on about how Naomi has been deeply wounded by this T-shirt, as she is truly trying to make a change in her life," Sirrah told us by E-mail. "Meanwhile, with the underlying threat being if we don't stop printing the T-shirts, we are going to be sued."
A rep for Campbell tells us this smells like a publicity stunt to him.
"Naomi is in L.A., she hasn't even heard of this T-shirt. It's sad that to get attention a designer has to recycle an original brilliant idea by Chip+Pepper that is so last season," Campbell's spokesman Rob Schuter told us.
Jamie Foxx stopped allowing men into his exclusive post-VMA party in his suite at the Bentley Beach Hotel Sunday night because the bash had "too many dudes." But when our sultry spy slipped through the door, she laughed out loud. "There were only four guys in there!" ...
Mariah Carey is on the look for gossip reporters at all times. While doing a last-minute sound check for her VMA performance at the National Hotel, she smelled a rat. "Whoever is smoking a cigarette, I love you, but please put it out," she warned. Then, after a moment, she added: "I'm not being a diva! Nobody write any gossip story about me being a diva!"
Master P still hasn't heard from his Dad - Percy Miller Sr., or his wife Sonya's sister. He went to New Orleans over the weekend and organized vans to drive family members to relative's homes in Houston, Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Traffic on the highways was crawling all the way. Many of them didn't want to go and stayed with their homes and their belongings. They still have not been able to locate those people who stayed.
“As a native of New Orleans, me, my wife Sonya and my son Romeo have formed Team Rescue to help our community affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina,” P said in a statement. “We are contributing our own money toward items such as food, clothes and shoes and we are also reaching out to corporations for donations.”

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Vivica is SOOOOOOoo ghetto. Why would you let someone get to you like that fighting a battle that this fat heffa dont even care about... All she had to say was 'hardee har har' and changed the subject... talk about the things you are promoting you stupid bytch. This here is bidness... You can take the girl out of the ghetto stripper part she played in independance day, but you can never take the ghetto stripper outta da girl... ughhh

By Blogger prodigalsun, at September 02, 2005  

Heh. Vivica is ghetto as hell. But I love her...*LOL*.

By Blogger E, at September 02, 2005  

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