September 30, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 9/30

Well it looks like our girl Paris Hilton is having her worst week ever... first word is spreading like wildfire that her engagement to Paris(yes that's his name too) has been off for months, although she keeps freakin' denying it. Latsis' family is claiming that the engagement has been off since July 2005, and Paris has been referred to as "a promiscuous innkeeper's daughter." I guess she's waiting for Nicole Richie to cancel hers first.
Second, sweet little Paris was caught in a lie about donating $6 million to relief for Hurricane Katrina, which would've been a million more than all of India and a million less than she took home as a salary last year. After some investigation by, it was discovered that a $6 million donation was made, but by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, with which Paris is not affiliated in any way whatsoever.
And finally, Paris has been caught up in an underage booze and drugs scandal investigation by Maryland police. The allegations made headlines after an episode of her realitty show The Simple Life: Interns, in which Hilton offered teens marijuana and bourbon to "loosen them up" for a taped segment. Way to go, genius.
Oh to be rich and stupid.

Lil Jon and his pimp cup are taking Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt to court for allegedly using his name and likeness without permission for the adult film "Phat Tuesday," reports MTV.The producer’s federal lawsuit, filed Monday in Atlanta, seeks some $30 million from Larry Flynt Productions (LFP), which Lil Jon claims acquired promotional onstage and backstage footage from another company, Category 5, which shot a February 2004 Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz concert in New Orleans. Category 5 was supposed to clear any use of the footage with TVT Records, but failed to do so, the suit says. That breach comprises $75,000 of the damages sought in the suit.
Hustler Video then used the footage for "Phat Tuesday," a film that follows five women who go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and attend a Lil Jon concert. Lil Jon’s picture appears on the DVD cover in a composite photograph with two of the film's actresses, with the words, "Featuring Lil Jon, King of Crunk." Jon had no idea that his face was on the cover of a porno until the video was released in February, his suit says.

TARA Reid is bordering on a breakdown now that her E! show, "Taradise," has been officially canceled and other offers of work have dried up, her friends say.
The "American Pie" star — who has fired her publicist and moved back to New York — had a "complete meltdown" Wednesday during a rambling interview for Chaunce Hayden's Steppin' Out magazine, Hayden tells PAGE SIX.
Reid's voice cracked, and she sounded on edge as she told Hayden:
"How many more years are [the media] going to pick on me? There's other new young bad girls. Move on to someone else! . . . I need one more great movie role so they say, 'Wow, she can act! She's a great actress.' Then I think they'll leave me alone . . . If I'm going to try and do something, it has to happen this year. I'm not stupid."
Reid was recently photographed being helped out of a club as her denim skirt rode up, revealing a sadly out-of-shape derriere. Hollywood insiders say she has gained at least 15 pounds and will have to undertake a fitness regimen before she gets parts.
But Reid blames the media.
"People think [I am just a party girl], and it's bull[bleep]," she ranted to Hayden. "I wish they would just tell the truth. I'm not a drunk . . . I don't have a drinking problem. I don't have a drug problem, for sure "Listen, if I could get good movies, you would never see me going out. But when there's nothing to do, what am I supposed to do, just sit in my house and go crazy? But going out is not all I do.
"I'm just fed up. I just want a chance again. I want to show that I am an actress . . . I just wish a director would believe in me.
"The gossip reporters know the truth. They know they could write good things about me. They could write I'm a good person who is cleaning up her act. I am getting older, and I want different things in my life. I want to get married and have kids.
"I've had a million publicists, and they've done nothing for me . . . Publicists are supposed to fight for me and believe in me, and they don't do that. They don't!
"I thought 'Taradise' was going to help me . . . I wanted to show the whole world the truth — I'm fun . . . But do I think it was cut like that? No. It could have been a better show . . . I didn't want to look like a total party-girl drug retard. I think the shots they show aren't fair."

WHICH soon-to-be-divorced celebrity carries on a secret life in the apartment above his garage? His wife put up with his same-sex philandering for years, but she finally got annoyed with his long-term relationship with a singer staying above the garage?

WHICH restaurateur was dumped by a very pretty Asian woman? She complained that clinching with him was like "being crushed by a boulder and getting stabbed by a No. 2 pencil all at once"

WHICH handsome reality TV host rudely insulted two young ladies at the bar in the W Hotel in Times Square with ungentlemanly remarks about the girls' chests? He then called an escort service and was partying with a Russian call girl 20 minutes later.

'Extra' reports that Lisa Marie Presley, Britney Spears, and Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey are amongst the celebrities who face having their homes burned away by the wildfires sweeping through Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. Read more.

Peter Jennings left a fortune worth more than $50 million to his wife and two children, according to the ABC News anchor's will, the Daily News has learned.FULL STORY

It was a boys' night out recently for Nick Lachey and Leonardo DiCaprio, who partied without their significant others at a members-only after-hours soiree thrown by Xenii. The guys reveled until the bitter end – a whopping 5 a.m. – at a Hollywood soundstage decked out with a James Bond theme (the movies Octopussy and The Spy Who Loved Me played on movie screens). And they weren't the only celebs at the ultra-exclusive shindig that moves around Los Angeles each week: Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama were also on hand – but not together – and they enjoyed themselves into the wee hours as well. If you're lucky enough to get an invite, it's definitely the place to see and be seen.

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