September 08, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 9/8 (PART 1)

The summer is unofficially over, and if you didn't have as much fun in the sun as you would have liked, don't worry - many celebrities didn't, either.
"My summer has been lousy, I have to say," Alicia Keys told us. "Not because of any particular thing, but because I haven't really honored the summer tradition of really having a good time."
"I kinda suck," the "Karma" singer laughed. "I do!"
For Christina Milian, getting to the beach wasn't a problem - it was the beach itself.
"The worst was, I ended up stuck in Romania for the majority of the beginning of my summer," the "Be Cool" star told us. "It wasn't sunny ... and the beach over there was just really muddy and dirty, with dirty water. A 'different' kind of beach."
And though you might think that you were the only one working for the weekend this season, some stars beg to differ.
"I haven't been able to be home because I've been working!" R&B diva Ciara told us.
"My summer got cut a little short," chimed in Gabrielle Union, who recently found out that her show "The Night Stalker" has been picked up for a second season. "I actually had to earn my keep and get up at 6 a.m. when I should have been sleeping until 12."
We hear ya, sister.
Sources say that the original En Vogue -- Cindy Herron, Maxine Jones, Terry Ellis and yes, even Dawn Robinson -- will perform alongside Salt-n-Pepa in a tribute to the veteran rap trio on 'VH1's Hip-Hop Honors.' The R&B quartet first reunited for the single 'What the Fuss' from the forthcoming Stevie Wonder album. There are also rumblings that En Vogue will next head into the studio later this year to finally record a reunion record ...
PARIS..A FAKER?aRE WE REALLY SHOCKED? spoke with an unnamed New York actress and singer who claims that Paris Hilton has been layering her vocals into new tracks. "I am an established singer and would like to have credit for my background vocals," the singer said. "I believe Paris is going to use my vocals as her own." The singer claims that she'll sue before the album release in hopes to settle and avoid any time in court. "I would like to avoid a date with the judge," she said. Read more.
LIL KIM GIVES HER STATEMENTS ON KATRINA caught up with Lil' Kim for a Q&A. The lady rapper, set to release her new album 'The Naked Truth' on September 27th, and soon being sent to jail for 366 days, commented on the government's reaction to Hurricane Katrina and the criticism in its deadly aftermath. "The only thing I have to say about that is, I just hate what happened and it's just so crazy, you know what I mean, if it's true that they knew about this, is just why, why, why would you not try to warn people to clear the homes, city, and town out," she said. "Like, I don't understand that, if it's true. I'm not - we don't know exactly what's true and what's not. So if it is true and they knew about it then that's just negativity and evilness and my heart goes out everyone out in Louisiana and New Orleans who I heard lost everything. There's so many people out there who - we had a family member who was out there doing some film stuff and he was in a hotel and he lost everything, the only thing he had was his computer and his knapsack, you know what I mean, he lost all his clothes, all his other stuff." Read more.

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