September 22, 2005


This quote comes from comedienne Sandra Bernhardt at the Human Rights Campaign's Annual Pacific Northwest Dinner in Seattle on Sunday. Bernhard unleashed on Dubya’s mother Barbara Bush and her recent statement that the Hurricane Katrina victims housed at the Houston Astrodome are better off now because they were already underprivileged.

"Barbara Bush has her finger on the pulse of America. I'm so glad she's back and more compassionate than ever," Sandra said. "That's right, of course people just sat around New Orleans, boring, uninspired, soulless New Orleans, and dreamed of someday relocating to the Astrodome. 'Oh, dear lord, if only I could leave my unhappy existence and head on up to wonderful Houston and live with my friends side by side in a spacious football stadium, my life would be so much richer and complete.'"

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