September 06, 2005


Hey everybody,your girl Holiday is back from another getaway.Was I missed?N-E-O way,I would like to thank everybody that voted for my personal blog, The Heiress Diaries for Best New Blog...I won.I would like to congratulate my partner in grime Fresh over at Crunk and Disorderly for the Best Entertainment Blog win,I would have only accepted losing to you.Gimme my trophy bitch..who said that?No, really there are some great entertainment blogs out there and Crunk is a fave of mine.Some are just wannabes that don't need a mention let alone a trophy,I wouldn't give them bitches an apos-trophe(get it?

I am so going to miss summer,but I am definitely looking forward to new sweaters and being newly single(again),getting cozy on a cool night.Plus the Fall crap on TV.Without Sex and the City,Frasier,Friends,Everybody Loves Raymond,Soul Food,Six Feet Under,Queer as Folk(I know,did I watch anything'm not sure what the television future holds.
I need my own show:
Welcome to Access HollyHood.Our guests today are Suge Knight,the guy that shot him,and musical guest Snoop Dogg.Sponsored by Beluga Imperial Caviar and Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid the only drink people call the flavors by color.."I like the red and the purple one" says Nay-Nay.
You're in da hood now baby,BYOB!!!
Enjoy today's edition smooches.

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1st time here!!! cool ish!!! now lemme get a glass of red Kool-aid and catch up on past entries.........

By Blogger Dee, at September 06, 2005  

:) Thanks chile

By Blogger Fresh, at September 06, 2005  

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