September 13, 2005


Hey people,and you still wearing white after Labor Day with fake Gucci(I guess you're still technically a person).I kid, I not.N-E-O, it's fashion week and that shit is like Christmas to a girl like me.I love it all,the skinny models,the gorgeous gay male models, the celebs that wonder who am I to be sitting in the same row as them,the lights falling atop of fashion's elite(isn't that the 7th sign of the Apocalypse?)

I have really been in a great mood and have been really pleased with the direction of this blog.I am really mixing Hollywood glam with street and crossing that with blog style writing and putting it in a magazine format...IT"S ALIVE.I am so close to having HollyHood Blogazine be the best thing since sliced low carb,no bleach,whole grain,organic bread!

Well I hope that you enjoy yourself as you scroll down the pages and I walk you through the Lacoste Fashion Show,the latest gadgets,funny commentary and fabulous pics ,Ill be your tour guide, Holiday N. so get ready,put on your best shit,and leave the attitude to me because:
You're in Da Hood Now Baby...(we now accept food stamps)

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Wait a minute... are you for real? Damn, I dont mean to be rude and just comment all up and down your post in total disagreement, but I've got to say that you really shouldnt give a rats ass what the celebs or gay fashion gurus or even the fake-gucci wearin wanna-be's are up to. If you get out and find somehting substantive that you can contribute to, you'll probably be much more relaxed and calmly in control of life.

Now, I know I dont know you, and this may be way off the mark... but I think that by following what hollywood tells you is "in" really gives away your soul (not to mention your $$$) to people who don't give a shit and aren't even real to begin with. TV lies, and too many people listen. It's all a big advertisement.

Just keep in mind that the only person you need to please or impress is yourself and no other. Reclaim your own solidarity!

Daves Page

By Blogger Savvy, at September 13, 2005  

I know that following trends can seem really shallow.Hollywood is no place to look for role models,I just simply put out things that I personally find appealing.This blog is for entertainment purposes and not a guide for living(I guess I should have stated that)I also write about a lot of things in this blog for people that want that higher end stuff but can't afford it.

Everything has it's trend,from fashion to art to music to's how we evolve,through finding out what's's your choice to follow it or not..I actually just state what's the newest and the latest to keep people informed but I also give advice on this blog and my other one The Heiress Diaries how you can have a happy life without all those trappings.I happen to be well off and come from a bit of money, the reason I'm into those things is because I can afford them and I like them,not because it's "in" or could send me into debt.I am a firm believer in telling people no to buy stuff for social status,it's not worth it.
Thanks for your comment,I love comments and I love to clarify..almost as much as I love

By Blogger HOLIDAY N, at September 13, 2005  

I luuv your spot!!! P.E.R.I.O.D.

By Blogger Dee, at September 13, 2005  

damn. Dude got all that out of those three little paragraphs? lol

How do you form an opinion about someone's character based on two sentences? How bout we judge him as WHACK for being so judgemental based on nothing. But then... he is from Oregon... we could judge him as whack based on that alone... lol (Yeah, I said it... lol (I think that is my new catch phrase... thanks Rigo))

Anyway (still not diggin the N-E-O thing...) I am mad at the food stamps line... LOLOLOLOL Prada and Food stamps in the same blog... now THAT is ghetto fabulous... lol

By Blogger prodigalsun, at September 14, 2005's my food stamps..:-) I'm ready to go now.

By Blogger E, at September 14, 2005  

Yup, I'm lining up with my food stamps too! I love this tour.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at September 14, 2005  

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