September 22, 2005


Hey errrrbody,
It's ya girl Holiday N. shouting you out,not you with the fake Paco Jeans on and matching knapsack.It's been quite a hectic week for me but I did not let that stop me from bringing you the hotness.I am constantly working on new ideas for HollyHood Blogazine and in the upcoming weeks they will come to be.I'll be concentrating on my article writing skills and bringin your asses the latest in high tech gadgets and fashion.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I am sincerely flattered at all the other blogs that are popping up like little HollyHood franchises,yall know who yall are..just do it right and I won't have to shut you down...LOL

Shout out to all the colleges that check me out and other blogs that peep in on me...I luvz yall too.Hey Fresh...I saw that other site that referenced you...Partnaz in Grime is sure to blow (Partnaz in Grime is my name for me and the other urban/ghettofied entertainment blogs)
Today's edition of HollyHood Blogazine was brought to you by:
The Crips
"Even when we're happy we're blue"
and the letters F and U
LOL in case you didn't know it yet...YOU'RE IN DA HOOD NOW BABY!

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cute....even when we're happy we're blue.....LOL

By Blogger Dee, at September 22, 2005  

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