September 28, 2005


The new format is on day 2 now and I kinda like it.It's really looking like a blog that's part magazine and covers Hollywood with a twist of ghetto.
There are a few changes,I've disabled comments for certain posts,and I've added a lot more of me to this site.I'm hoping by 2006 I'll have this Blogazine really 100% the way I'd like to see it but until then,stick with me while I tweak and fix. If you have any questions,comments,ideas for a post,or you have a problem and want it solved on Ask Holiday the new email is

In today's edition of HollyHood Blogazine:
Health and Fitness-
"Top 5 signs you may need a diet" is a funny intro to my diet and exercise posts that I'm in the process of writing for this column.
HollyHood Entertainment-
A couple of the latest songs and videos that are available online for your pleasure.
Fashion and Style-
Seeing double? Lately celebs have been mistakingly wearing the same outfits to events at the same time and that's a Hollywood no-no.View a couple of this year's twins.
Glam Living-
Has become my favorite thing to write.These posts cover giving your life a little glam,and today's post covers decorating your apartment or should also check out my glam living post on how to buy antiques.
and of course Gossip 2 Go

This edition of HollyHood Blogazine was sponsored by:

The Tupac Shakur Siamese Twin Center
Keepin Ya Headz Up...And Apart

Foxy Brown Cosmetics
And you thought only her nana was ill

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we weigh you by the gram. LOL LOL you are off teh chains

By Blogger Stone, at September 29, 2005  

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