September 06, 2005


Asking why men lie is like asking why is the grass green?Why does the sun rise?Why am I so damn fabulous? It's nature sweetie.
But the question we should be asking is why do men tell the same lies?Is it taught in a secret class at school?Is the shit written on the bathroom walls? I mean i'm willing to give a guy points for originality if his lie was well...original.
I've composed a list of the top 5 lies that men tell.See how many you've been told.
5-"We'll discuss it later"-When a guy says this one,you will never ever never no ever discuss it. I am still waiting to discuss why Gary Norville kissed Sarah Keye in the back of the gym in the 3rd grade.
4-"She's just a friend"-I think Chris Rock said it best when he said Men don't have female friends,just women they have not fucked yet.The only girl friend that I want my man having is the ones on the UPN show Girlfriends,other than!
3-"I just wanna stick the head in"- Ladies,who are they kidding with that one?Oh no girl,tell me not you?Well I have never fell for that stupid one.How about you stick your other head in?!
2-"Nothing"-Don't be tricked ladies.Men are always thinking,even if it's not the smartest thought.So if your man has that far off look and you ask him what's he thinking? And this bastard says "nothing" ,don't get mad...get even.You're having one ol' sex session and he asks who's your daddy or who's pussy is say with a blank look on your face..nobody's!
1-"I'm sorry"-Most times men don't even fully understand what they did,so how are they sorry.That's just their way of trying to say "just drop it already".Choose your battles wisely ladies..some I'm sorry's come with lovely gifts or some really great sex,some are lame and need to be fought about.
There you go ladies.You know your girl Holiday has your back.If you know of anymore and want to inform the girls,holla on the comments

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