September 13, 2005


Is your wardrobe Fall ready?I'm not talking about the people that are going to take out those old sweaters you've had since they were in style the first time.I'm talking about my fashionistas that like to shop.Today I've found a quick little checklist of what's in for this season for guys and I guess mannish women.Have fun and do it like you or Ellen Degeneres.

Argyle sweaters
Cardigans and sweater vests
Skinny ties -- even worn with cardigans and sweater vests
Western-style shirts
Paisley shirts and ties
Any pattern for button-downs -- check, plaid, floral, sunburst (a pattern consisting of a central disk with radiating spirals projecting like sunbeams), etc.
Gray jeans
Black chinos
Gray suits
Colors: red, black, purple, gray, and navy

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I got the gray jeans covered...*LOL*.

By Blogger E, at September 13, 2005  

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