September 24, 2005


Hey people,

I just wanted to tell all my faithful readers that the Magazine element of this blog will be happening again on Tues.
All this weekend I will be taking my ass to various goodbye summer and hello autumn parties and teas.I know,it sounds very Kateland Brooks; cheerleader and sorority can't deny my wealthy white side,and a party is a party sweeties.

As some of you may know.I'd love to write and one day become an editor of either my own magazine or an up and coming one,something I could mold into my own.This blog will provide me with daily practice and with a 1,000 plus daily readership I feel I'm well on my way.It's hard but I can do anything,sorry haters...but I can.
Here is what you can expect my new DAILY format to be:

Fashion and Style-articles and pics of the season's best and worst in fashion and style will be covered here.Style includes home style.So, I will be giving tips on home style and ho style from the real experts and myself.
Health and Fitness-I will cover topics from what to do if you think you have an STD to how to lose weight like Nicole Richie and still stay alive(just kidding).
Glam Living- is how to do it up like a rich girl(or guy) and not break your bank.
and of course my daily Gossip 2 Go.

I'll also have the "whenever I feel like it" posts:

Paris Hilton Follies-my version of the newspaper comics.I use pics of Paris and put her in comical situations.
Model Citizen-a favorite amongst folks,it's when I choose a model to spotlight.
Ask Holiday-I answer my e-mails
Highly Fuckable-a celebrity I'd wanna mess around with is highlighted and given the coveted title of highly fuckable.
True HollyHood Stories-Scandalicious stories from people you haven't heard of.They're interesting,controversial,and they're true.
Did U See/Hear-Are pics and audio clips from magazines,events,music and interviews.

Hope u like it cuz mama is working her ass off,not really it takes only about an hour a day..but it's still work dammit! Well I gotta bounce to the salon for a weave tightening.What yall grows on scalps?

Welcome to my Hood,

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WOW, looking forward to the new format fa sure!!! Do the damn thang!!!

By Blogger ~ Eclectic Soul ~, at September 24, 2005  

I can't wait for the next Paris Hilton follies...:-)

By Blogger E, at September 26, 2005  

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