September 06, 2005


Its producers call it the Vidstone Serenity Panel. It's a tombstone embedded with a video screen, so you can watch a montage of the deceased's life. Some popcorn,and a bunch of kleenex and you got a date!!

Nike has teamed up with Bausch to produce MaxSight; tinted contact lenses that they claim can heighten one's performance in outdoor sports
$60 (US) will get you a three-month supply.So contacts was all that was keeping you from the NBA.It's the's gotta be the eyes.

A research team at the University of Singapore is developing a game of "virtual Pacman," wherein the player, equipped with a pair of headsets
and goggles, moves through a 3D Pacman world that is superimposed on top of their natural you know how many carbs is in one of those ghosts?

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