October 05, 2005


When you're trying to add a little glam to your life sometimes it may seem impractical,but anytime you're doing something that lets you kick back,relax and let everything be done for you.. it can't be bad sweetie.

Today I wanna talk about cruises.Now I'm not talking about you and a few friends renting a yacht in St. Tropez and then going to your best friend's father's villa to chill once you've grown tired of the sea..What? That's just me?My bad.
But you don't have to be rich or spend a lifetime climbing up the social ladder for those kind of contacts,there are bargain cruises that will help make you feel like the heiress of a hotel chain...lol,By that,I mean that they will cater to you better than Beyonce.

Good question,now here's a good answer.Consider a cruise rather than a traditional land-based vacation. A cruise offers the following benefits:

Visit Many Destinations, Only Unpack Once
On a cruise vacation you'll visit a wide range of destinations, but you only have to unpack once! And since a cruise ship is a floating resort, you'll enjoy the travel time in between too.
Enjoy Onboard Activities
There are plenty of onboard activities to keep you occupied. Relax, work out or pamper yourself at the ship's salon and spa.
Take Advantage of Shore Excursions
Priced a la carte, shore excursions are affordable and appeal to everyone. Choose from a variety of fun activities, from relaxing to cultural to sheer adventure.
On-Board Dining
is Included Meals range from casual to formal and you can choose from a delicious variety of cuisines. Many ships even offer complimentary room service 24 hours a day.

With children back in school and an increased chance of weather-related diversions, autumn is low season for Caribbean and Bahamas cruises. But with modern nautical technology allowing ships to avoid seasonal hurricanes, and cruise lines offering deep discounts to fill cabins, this is a great time of year to enjoy an impromptu vacation at sea at bargain rates.
Except for the popular Thanksgiving departures, most lines operating in the region offer last-minute discounts through mid-December. Bear in mind that tropical storms can cause delays in traveling to the port of embarkation, and in some cases, fall itineraries are altered to avoid rough weather, but the reduced fares make these occasional inconveniences worthwhile.
Look for discounts well below normal fares, in some cases less than $100 per person, double occupancy, for each day of the cruise. Cruise rates generally include all meals, but additional costs will apply, including taxes and port fees, tipping, shore excursions and adult beverages. Most cruise lines offer discounted air fares with transfers from the airport to the ship.
Find a travel agent specializing in cruises to help you narrow down your choices, fire up your Web browser and search for deals online. Most cruise lines publish last-minute offers on their own Web sites, and some allow travelers to register for free e-mail updates. Travel booking sites like Expedia , Travelocity , Orbitz and Priceline also sell discounted cruises, so it's easy to shop around and compare prices. Before you put any money down, read the fine print (typically there's no refund for weather-related delays or diversions), and consider paying extra for trip cancellation insurance.


Carinval Cruise Line: Operates more than a dozen vessels sailing two- to eight-day Caribbean and Bahamas itineraries. Ports of embarkation include San Juan, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Galveston, New Orleans, Norfolk, Va., and New York City Information: 888-CARNIVAL, www.carnival.com.

Celebrity Cruises: Seven ships sailing seven- to 14-day Caribbean and Bermuda voyages out of San Juan, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Baltimore and Cape Liberty, N.J.. Information: 800-722-5941, www.celebrity.com.

Disney Cruise Line: Three- to seven-night Caribbean and Bahamas itineraries from Port Canaveral aboard the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. Also seven-night land-sea vacations combining short cruises with visits to Walt Disney World. Information: 800-951-3532, www.disneycruise.disney.go.com.

Holland America Lines: Various seven- to 14-day Caribbean itineraries aboard any of six vessels departing from Tampa, Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale. Information: 877-724-5425, http://www.hollandamerica.com/.

Norwegian Cruise Line: Eight ships offering various Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas itineraries departing from San Juan, Miami, Port Canaveral, Charleston, New Orleans, Houston, Baltimore and New York. Most voyages last seven days, with some longer itineraries available. Information: 800-327-7030, www.ncl.com.

Princess Cruises: Six ships offering various seven- to 10-day Caribbean voyages out of Fort Lauderdale, San Juan or Galveston. Information: 800-PRINCESS, www.princess.com.

Royal Caribbean:
Three- to 11-night Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean voyages, with more than a dozen ships operating in the region during the fall-winter season. Embark in Miami, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, San Juan, Galveston, New Orleans, Baltimore or Cape Liberty, N.J.. Information: 800-398-9819, http://www.royalcaribbean.com/.

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