October 21, 2005


Gossip Queen,Cindy Adams got a hold of several American celebs' oversea demands.here they are for your own demands list or maybe to laugh at.either way let the divaliciousness begin.

Jennifer Lopez. "Her suite must be painted and furnished completely in white. Also lilies and roses, her favorite flowers, white. Romantic candles placed everywhere — white, of course — ideally with the Paris perfume, Diptyque. Room temperature set at exactly 25.5 degrees Celsius. And her staff must also be accommodated. The diva travels with an entourage of up to 100."

Justin Timberlake. Demands the entire floor, private fitness studio, extra-large stereo unit and, since like Eminem he's undoubtedly a voracious reader, Nintendo PlayStation. Quoting the booklet exactly: "The floor's air conditioning filters must be changed on his arrival. He insists all door handles be disinfected every few hours." And, since the man obviously worships with The Barbra Streisand Bible, "the hotel staff may under no circumstances address him."

Mariah Carey. "Suites fitted out with gold faucets." Also, "new toilet seat must be installed before her arrival." Also, "her own bed linens are flown in advance." Also, "on the two obligatory DVD players, only her own videos may be played." Also, she and her dog both bathe "in expensive French mineral water." Via a grave display of negligence, it does not delineate as to whether this eau is flat or sparkling.

Rod Stewart. "Cannot tolerate any light in the room for his afternoon nap." Sends "a special 'darkening team' to the hotel prior to his visit, whose job it is to seal all cracks of light." OK?

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good lawd. I wish I could be this picky.

By Anonymous grayse, at October 23, 2005  

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