October 19, 2005


Every guy wants to be cool, yet not every guy is cool and every girl wants to be around a cool guy and what guy doesn't like a cool chick.
But the truth is that there are no secrets to being cool; it's about who you are and how you behave. But there are things that you can do to bring out the cool in you.
Here are some tips that'll show you how to look and sound cool with your friends. Use them if you need them, and you'll transform yourself into one of the socially adept -- and your friends will look forward to hanging out with you.

Don't overcall-If you're always calling your friends, you're calling too much. There's no perfect ratio, but you should probably call your friends less often than they call you. That way, you'll be in high demand.Nobody wants a friend that's never doing anything except wondering what you're doing.

Have a purpose when you call-Don't call just to chat. Keep phone calls brief. Call once. Leave a message, but only if you need to. If they don't return the call, don't call them back unless it's an emergency. For example, if you're making plans for dinner and want to include them, but they don't call you back, it's their loss. You shouldn't have to run after them. Cool people don't sweat the small stuff.

Dress well-People don't like hanging out with slobs. No, you don't have to wear designer shit to hang out with the guys, but always look presentable and sharp. Remember: We're initially judged on appearances, so always try to look your best.

Be knowledgeable-Ignorance is never bliss. People like to have a buddy who knows a thing or two, especially about a range of subjects, from picking up the opposite sex(or the same) to current events to wines. But don't overdo it. Drop your knowledge when asked, otherwise you'll look like a showoff, and that is not cool.

Be funny-I'm not talking about telling knock-knock jokes or being a clown. But if you've got a sense of humor, let it rip (a little). You want to be funny, but you don't need to be the sole source of amusement. There's a balance. And please, when you tell a good joke, just bask in that accomplishment. Don't muddy the waters by going on and on -- you'll just kill it. You'll be the joker friend and not the cool one.

Don't be a downer-If you're in a bad mood, consider staying home. Guys want to have fun when they're with their friends; nobody wants to be your counselor. Yes, you can tell a close friend about a serious problem (your girlfriend dumped you), but save those talks for serious occasions, not a night out.

Associate with cool people-This one's a no-brainer. If you're always bringing losers to the group, you'll soon be labeled a loser as well. On the other hand, if you're known for bringing cool people around, your coolness stock will skyrocket.

Arrive fashionably late-Arriving early has two drawbacks: You don't get the chance to make an entrance and let others notice you, and you give the impression that you had nowhere else to be. Just don't be too late.

Keep your word-Keeping your promises will show the world that you're dependable -- a rock. But breaking your word will not only tarnish your reputation, it'll cost you some friends. You don't have to promise the world, but when you do give your word, let others know that it's your bond.

Pick up the first round-When everyone is sober, they'll remember who bought the first round. Plus, you'll have the reputation as a person who knows how to get the party started. treating you peeps is cool when you do it once in a while..not too much.This makes you the treater,not the cool one.Cool people are treated.

Organize an event-Once in a while (say two times a year), you should plan an outing, like a ballgame,concert, or dinner party. You call the guys, you get the tickets, you handle everything. Note: Making plans to go to your local strip club doesn't count.

Don't lose your cool... ever!-Nobody wants to see their friend freak out. Bad things will happen and you should react, but you don't have to get all stupid. Keep your composure at all times sweetie,we cool people do that.

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