October 06, 2005


Trunkt: Discover Independent Design

Sure we all love the major stores filled with mass produced goodness but let's not forget the little guys that are just as great and would rather die than have their stuff fill a GAP window.
Ok,for those of you that know me,know me as a label loving kind of girl used to expensive high end merchandise but I also love interesting,one of a kind type items,that are trendy and stylish.
Just opening up in the trendy NYC neighborhood of Tribeca is a store promising to bring you things you will not see in every other store in the world!

Welcome to TRUNKT...
here is what they're about in their own words.
Sick of consuming McFashion and its super-sized side of mass-marketed design? Us too!
We're your smart, stylish backlash against weak brands built on hype; we see no reason to ever compromise your personal style for fashion fads; we're an elite, international community of independent designers of all genres. We're Trunkt.
Flavored with a passion for unique design and quality craftsmanship, Trunkt serves you only the best in independent design. Our innovative shopping experiences take place at our Flagship Store in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC and online at shoptrunkt.com.
Read our weblog -- Behind the Design -- for daily musings on the state of independent design.

Here are a few interesting products from Trunkt:

cherry blossom cuff
price: $145.00
This beautiful and very elegant cuff is made of thick sterling silver etched with a trailing series of cherry blossoms and buds.

tea for two
price: $7.00
Each muslin bag is generously hand poured with moisturizing mango butter, anti-inflammatory green tea and soothing oatmeal. It'll make your body soft and fragrant as it gently polishes your skin. An effective combo that will make you feel like you are queen of the world (with great skin to match).
Ingredients: oats, mango butter, green tea, sodium chloride, fragrance and goodwill.

urban diva -
new york-wallcouture_ny1
price: $22.00
These fashion light switch plates provide the perfect, striking and unique flair to add finishing touch to any decor.
All fashion plates are carefully handcrafted, starting with a standard size 100% steel wall plate. Each plate is covered with the finest fabric and a scotch guard finish. All plates come with matching screws to complete the look.

abstract lime silver foil necklace
price: $45.00
Abstract lime silver foil venetian glass pendant paired with olivine green Swarovski crystals and draped on a sterling silver chain.

sexy mo fo
Each muslin bag is generously hand-poured with moisturizing mango butter, a real raspberry, creamy milk, soothing oatmeal, and sweet sugar. The outside is dipped in lovely champagne glitter. It will make your body soft and fragrant as it gently polishes your skin. Walk into a room and people will whisper, "who is that sexy mo fo smelling like a vanilla sugar cookie?"
Ingredients: oats, non-fat dry milk, mango butter, white granulated sugar, glitter, sodium chloride, fragrance, raspberry and love, love, love.

Drop bag into a warm bath until contents soften. Rub bath scrubby over your body to gently exfoliate and moisturize. For use in the shower, soften scrubby first under running water.

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Those bath scrubs sound so good!

By Blogger ~ Eclectic Soul ~, at October 06, 2005  

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