October 29, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 10/29

Sources tell PAGE SIX the screen version of the popular '80s TV series that starred Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas is mired in production difficulties including:
* The movie was supposed to shoot for three months, but is now six months over schedule — with no end in sight.
* According to a well-informed source, "Miami Vice" was "greenlit at $120 million, but the budget has been blown and it is now costing upwards of $180 million. And they aren't even done yet. It will likely be a $200 million tab by the end of shooting."
* Adding to the budget problems, filming has to be moved from Miami to Peru because of Hurricane Wilma damage.
* The script is "not good," according to several people who have read it. "This will bomb," said one.
* Stars Jamie Foxx and Colin Farrell have become slightly bloated, with Farrell sporting "beer boobs" due to their constant partying in Miami. Farrell, in particular, has been carousing at almost every hotel bar and club in town, at times drinking VOX vodka straight from the bottle.
In addition, there have been reports of fights between Farrell and Foxx — Foxx, who won his Oscar after signing up for "Vice," was said to be upset that Farrell was being paid more than he was, so he demanded his paycheck be boosted from $7.5 million to $10 million to match his co-star.

THE best rumor to emerge from the debut of the Atlantic City outpost of Jay-Z's 40/40 sports club is that Beyoncé is pregnant with Jay's child. A tipster has been calling media outlets with the story, swearing that Beyoncé told a friend she was expecting at this week's launch party, which was attended by the likes of Magic Johnson and Diddy. However, another partygoer swears he saw Beyoncé swilling champagne at the bash. Beyoncé's rep declined to comment.

Former best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie begin filming the fourth season of The Simple Life on Tuesday. PEOPLE takes a look at the ladies' plans, plus other events to watch for in the coming week: TUESDAY, NOV. 1: They don't have a network for their show and they're not speaking to each other, but that's not stopping Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie from filming another season of The Simple Life. The win-win part for the former best friends: Even if no network picks up their show (which is being produced by 20th Century Fox Television), Paris and Nicole are guaranteed money because their options were renewed earlier this year. The hotel heiress is optimistic that viewers will get to see the fourth season: "All of them are fighting over it," she says of the networks "vying" for their show.

The New York Post got an earful from Mrs. Star Jones Reynolds Thursday on her ABC show “The View.” The co-host snapped over the newspaper’s account of her husband’s arrest for allegedly driving with a suspended license.
Cops pulled over Al Reynolds on Manhattan's Upper East Side shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday for changing lanes without signaling. After it was discovered he had a suspended license, he was arrested and taken into custody at the 19th Precinct.
On “The View,” Star said that when her husband called and said he was arrested and being held at the police station, “I do what a wife does. I pull my hair back into a pony tail, I put on the sweatpants and the sweat jacket and I bring all of the information down like I’m supposed to.”
Star said once she got to the precinct with the documents, the police “decide to treat it like it is, a mistake. You have to just sit here, make sure [they] get your fingerprints, make sure you’re not a child molester or have any warrants…a procedural thing. But it took longer than it was supposed to.”
A fingerprinting machine malfunction caused Reynolds to stay in custody for more than 12 hours. At some point during that time, Star says her husband suggested that she “go take care of the DMV [Dept. of Motor Vehicles] thing, which is what I did.”
Star told her “View” co-hosts and the audience that she went to the DMV and cleared up the whole mess.
“I get the license cleared, [there’s] no suspension, we don’t even have to pay a fine,” she says. “We show everything that we’re supposed to. Al stays longer than it should’ve taken. He gets out. Everything’s fine, and you think story’s over, right? No.”
The next morning, The Post reported that during those 12 hours that Al was held, Star never showed up at the police house, despite repeated calls from her husband to do so. On Thursday’s “View,” the “pissed off” former prosecutor went off.
“The sleazy New York Post – yes I said it like that – decides to write ‘Star didn’t come down to be with her husband,’” she spews. “Because I didn’t show up acting like a diva brat, an idiot down at the police station, maybe y’all didn’t recognize me. I came acting like a wife. I was down there in the morning, and then I did what I was supposed to do as a wife. But they were pissed because they didn’t get to get that tabloid photograph of me coming out in full diva mode at the police station. That’s what pissed them off, so they made up a lie; a complete and utter lie.
“And you know, I’m sorry yall, I never deal with the tabloid stuff here on the show. You know I refuse to talk about it. But don’t go after my marriage. You don’t know anything about me and my husband and how much I love him. I’m Mrs. Reynolds. I answer to him, not to the rest of you! And that pissed me off, so that’s why I said it this morning.”
When the ensuing applause died down, Star explained Al’s arrest as a misunderstanding of DMV procedure, and warned the audience: “If you sell your car, please turn in your plates. Don’t just file them. That’s where we made the mistake. When you sell your car, you don’t just get the bill of sale and the transfer and everything, you have to actually give the plates back. You think you’re supposed to file them with the documents. No. Give the plates back because [if not], the DMV thinks there’s a car driving around with no insurance, and that suspends your license.”

Just when I thought I couldn't get more grossed out by sleazy Paris Hilton, I find this article about how she had sex with Mary-Kate Olsen's former boyfriend Stavros Niarchos in a porta-potty.According to the story, the new couple spent the evening "kissing and groping" at a Hollywood party, then went into one of the stinky portable pots to have sex.
Couldn't the heiress spring for a hotel room? I'm sure she still has some pull at the Hilton.
And as for those claims she didn't know Tom Sizemore? You know -- the overweight, unattractive drug addict who has a prosthetic penis and beats women. Well, here's a photo of them -- together -- at his house!

The Game has been arrested, accused of causing a scene at a mall and refusing to remove a Halloween mask.
"I got arrested for signing autographs," the 25-year-old rapper told WFMY-TV after he was released on $500 bail. "Signing a little girl's autograph got me arrested."
But police said The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, and a group of companions behaved disruptively and swearing Friday at Four Seasons Town Centre. He was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. At one point, police said, his companions were sprayed with pepper spray when they surrounded officers in a threatening manner.
Mall security officers said the rapper was wearing a full-face Halloween mask and cursing loudly, and refused to leave when asked. When police arrived, Taylor continued to act up and was arrested, a police statement said.
The Game said officers overreacted.
"They thought I was Rodney King, man. It was a case of mistaken identity," he told WFMY. "It's unfair, man. Their behavior's unfair."

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