October 07, 2005


One day after the stepfather of rapper Beanie Sigel was found shot to death and burned in a South Philadelphia alley, a friend of the deceased was reportedly kidnapped by two to three armed men wearing hooded sweatshirts.
The Associated Press reports that Wallace Moody — who befriended Sigel's stepfather Samuel Derry a few years ago while both were serving prison time — was forced into one of two vehicles that pulled up in front of Moody's North Philadelphia home. Both cars immediately sped off at approximately 6 a.m.
Approximately 24 hours earlier, Derry’s body was discovered in Philadelphia's Mount Airy neighborhood. An autopsy released Wednesday confirmed reports that Derry had first been killed by multiple gunshots before his body was dumped in the alley and set on fire.
Police are now exploring a possible link between Derry’s killing, Moody’s abduction and Sigel’s acquittal last week of attempted murder in the July 2003 shooting of a man outside a West Philadelphia strip club.
"Certainly, it's a concern. We're looking at it," Capt. Mark Everitt of the Northwest Detective Division told the Philadelphia Inquirer of a possible tie between Derry's murder and Moody's abduction. "We have no information to suggest that the two are connected in any way."
Meanwhile, Sigel’s attorney, Fortunato Perri, Jr., told The Associated Press Wednesday: "There's no indication whatsoever that the two are connected. I can't imagine any circumstance [whereby] the recent trial has anything to do with this murder."

Hollywood A-lister Will Smith wants the world to understand that he and wife Jada Pinkett Smith never, ever planned a lavish New Year's Eve celebration at their home to be paid for - to the tune of $625,000 - by corporate sponsors.
"It's not his style," Smith's spokeswoman, PR doyenne Pat Kingsley, told me yesterday, the same day word came that the Smiths had "pulled the plug" on the event after Lowdown pronounced the cheapskate scheme "tacky, tacky, tacky."
Kingsley added: "Will agrees with you - it would be tacky. … When I talked to him about it, he was, like, dumbfounded. I hate for Will to be tarnished by somebody's exuberance in overstepping their bounds. Because this guy is very careful about what he does and he keeps his private life totally private. No one has ever been to his home professionally."
That "exuberant somebody," in this case, is New York publicist and celebrity wrangler Lori Levine.
This week Levine E-mailed a detailed pitch to company flacks on the Smiths' alleged quest for "synergistic partnerships with select corporate sponsors." Levine's E-mail gushed: "This exclusive occasion offers your brand an opportunity to create and solidify unique one-on-one relationships with Celebrities and key Hollywood influencers in a relaxed and celebratory setting."
But yesterday, Kingsley insisted: "This would just never happen" - not even to raise money for the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. "They work very hard for the charity, but it's always associated with the work - like if there's a movie that can benefit the charity. But they're not going to open up their home."
Flying Television's Levine, meanwhile, advised this column: "I have no comment. Never E-mail me again - about anything."

It's convicted felon Michael Lohan, who - in a letter from the Collins Correctional Facility outside Buffalo - raves about daughter Lindsay's new single, "Confessions of a Broken Heart."
"The lyrics not only brought me to tears, but they tell you what kind of a loving and caring daughter Lindsay truly is," writes the 45-year-old Lohan, serving up to four years for drunken driving, contempt of court and beating his brother-in-law bloody with a shoe. "While I always considered and expressed how truly blessed Lindsay, as well as my other children are, I never realized how blessed I AM to have a daughter as amazing as Lindsay."
In the song, Lindsay sings:
"I wear all your old clothes, your polo sweater/ I dream of another you, the one who would never (never)/ Leave me alone to pick up the pieces/ A daddy to hold me, that's what I needed/ (So) why'd you have to go … / Daughter to father, daughter to father/ I don't know you, but I still want to."
Michael adds in the letter, "Hold onto my shirt honey, soon enough you'll be able to hold on to me! … While the media and press love to cover Lindsay enjoying her life and successes, I hope now they will cover the kind of heart this beautiful and gifted young lady really has."
In response to Michael's record review, Lindsay's PR rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, told Lowdown yesterday: "We never, ever doubted Lindsay's love for her father. This song is in fact a cry to her dad, saying, 'I love you, but I'm not happy with what you did to me and the family.' "

Audience members of Martha Stewart's syndicated daytime show yesterday were buzzing that the younger, better-looking brides-to-be were seated in the first two rows for the wedding-theme episode, while the plain Janes were sent to the back. "It reminded me of dodgeball in grade school, where the best players got picked first and the ones that weren't good got left out," a Lowdown spy told me. But co-executive producer Rob Dauber said that wasn't true. "That's an unfortunate perception and that is never the case," he said. "We have an audience department that works really hard to be accommodating to people. Martha has told us that she wants every person to feel welcome and have a special experience from the minute they walk in."

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Marques Houston stripped to his underwear while performing his hit song 'Naked' at OPM nightclub at Forum Shops at Caesars last weekend. The mostly female sold-out crowd didn't mind, but management was ready to step in before he became completely nude.

WHICH surgically-enhanced starlet ate Ex-Lax every day on the set of her recently-canceled TV show in a desperate bid to stay svelte?

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