October 05, 2005


So the script,direction,plot and production of Catwoman was awful but the real star of that movie was none other than Halle Berry's body..that needed it's own award.The way she fit that tight dominatrix like cat suit,exposing her ripped abs and sculpted bootie,it could have turned the town whore into a settled down lesbian.
Wonder how she did that and continues to look good from award show to award show 3 words...5 Factor Fitness.I can personally say that this diet/exercise routine is fabulous,my own trainer has incorporated it into my workouts and I look even better.The great thing about the diet is you don't need some expensive fitness club membership or a personal trainer,I do because I'm lazy and I can afford it..but if you're motivated and ready here it is:

Let's be honest. Even without a personal trainer, Halle Berry would still probably look amazing. So how does 5 Factor work for those of us who are just starting out or are unsatisfied with our present workout and diet regimen? Author and trainer Harley Pasternak has several tips for getting started with 5-Factor:

1. Do It Today People always say they want to change, he says, but they always vow they'll do it after Christmas or when the kids are in school. "The first thing you can start with is nutrition. After you read the book, you can immediately put it down and say, 'I'm going to eat differently from this moment on.'"
2. Exercise Now There's no scientific evidence that says working out in the morning is better than any other time, Pasternak says, but he recommends it because you'll never have the excuse that you got sidetracked later in the day.
3. Introductory Phase You don't need to be able to lift the same amount of weight as Halle or at the same intensity for 5-Factor to work. Pasternak includes an introductory phase that uses a lower volume, shorter workout with high repetitions for beginners. "It's a shorter, briefer primer, so that you're not so sore after the workouts that it turns you off continuing the program," he says.
4. Start Simple Halle worked up to some complex exercises, but Pasternak says he starts off all of his clients with simple movements that require nothing more than dumbbells and a bench. From those movements, he adds variation. "I have people doing a flat dumbbell chest press on chest day. Maybe as they become more advanced, I make it an inclined dumbbell chest press."
5. No Plateaus With so many opportunities for variation, Pasternak says 5-Factor eliminates the plateaus that sometimes occurs with other workout plans. "For example, Phase One and Phase Five are cardio," he says. "You can do any kind you want. It can be running, skipping, walking, flight of stairs, cycling, and you can change that as many times and as often as you would like." 6. Seeing Results So many diet and fitness plans guarantee a specified weight loss in a certain number of weeks. Because weight can be misleading, Pasternak doesn't believe in using scales except in extreme cases. "Pursue the program, and the results will ensue," he says. "That's my philosophy with all my clients. That's why I don't keep a scale or a tape measure or anything like that. It's how you look and how you feel."

Pasternak, whose celebrity clientele also includes Eve, Orlando Bloom, Benjamin Bratt and Val Kilmer, boasts a workout and nutrition plan that skips the carb counting, food measuring and time-consuming exercise routines. His 5-Factor plan is made up of five, 25-minute workouts per week (all of which can be done using only a set of dumbbells and a bench) and eating five healthy meals per day.
"The 5-Factor Fitness plan," he says, "is the product of several years of being a science nerd, a fitness nut and an exercise and nutrition scientist for the military, and then having the opportunity to work with a lot of actors who have very little time and have to see results."
Time is one of the main reasons the plan works. "This is something that is a lifestyle," Pasternak says. "So, regardless of what your needs are at the time, I tell people that this is a plan that is doable every week for the rest of your life. You don't have to go to the gym; you can if you want. It's only 25 minutes long. You always have the time, and the meals are not extreme, so you can always do this."

The workout component of 5-Factor is based on five, five-minute phases:
Phase 1: Cardio warm-up
Phase 2: Upper-body strength exercise
Phase 3: Lower-body strength exercise
Phase 4: Core (midsection) exercise
Phase 5: Fat-burning cardio
The final cardio phase can be extended for as long as 30 minutes, depending on your goals and timeline, but does not have to be for the plan to work.
"If I have someone who has a film coming up, and we've got to expedite our goals, then I'll have them do it," Pasternak says. "If it's a lifestyle thing, where someone has maybe 10 pounds to lose, we gradually weave it in."

The nutrition portion of 5-Factor is just as simple as the fitness routine, Pasternak says.
Eating five meals a day is optimal for keeping your blood sugar stable and metabolism in check. Each meal should fulfill these five criteria:
1. The main dish should be a low-fat, quality protein.
2. It should include a low-to-moderate glycemic carbohydrate (think beans, vegetables, sweet potatoes, wild rice).
3. You should have five to ten grams of fiber per meal.
4. Only healthy fat should be added to the meal.
5. Always include a non-sugared beverage.
Pasternak has created more than 100 recipes, all of which take no longer than five minutes to prepare, and most use no more than five common ingredients.
Although Pasternak advises eating more even when many other diets out there support consuming less, Pasternak says the program is successful because it's a lifestyle. "I think the eating component is the most important part of the program," he says, "because it's a voice of moderation in a time where every diet out there is very extreme and not sustainable. So you don't have to cut your carbs. You don't have to weigh your food. These are all unnatural acts that cannot be sustained year in and year out. They're not fun, and they're difficult."

Another reason supporters of the program say it works is because ‑- get this ‑- cheating is allowed! Yep, that's right. One day a week Harley says it's okay to eat anything you want. Whether that's a grande white chocolate mocha from Starbucks or a Big Mac from Mickey D's.


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