October 29, 2005


Hey people,it's me the Princess of SoHo...the Dutchess of Dirt...The Commander of Glam..Holiday N. and welcome to a special Weekend Edition of HollyHood.

I have been so busy lately with side projects that I have been neglecting my Blogazine slightly.Well I'm going to try and put things back on track as soon as possible.I love the whole idea of this Nokia 7710 for my template but it has it's problems.One of the things I would love help with is the removal of those extra symbols with the A^ and ll markings that are scattered in the posts.If you have any idae how to fix this problem,hit me up at hollyhood2006@yahoo.com thanx sweeties.

As always enjoy,have fun,get your bail ready because..you are in da hood now baby!!

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Wow...I love the new techno look. You're always on the cutting edge when it comes to this blog.

By Blogger E, at October 31, 2005  

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