October 19, 2005


Ok,I may not be the best person to be making comments on leaving certain celebrities alone due to the fact I am a gossip queen but really some things have gotten out of hand.

The whole Beyonce takedown is ridiculous.What makes it ridiculous is it's her own people that do so.Why can't we ever support our own unconditionally,we have to say she's too thick,too skinny,her weaves are too long,her skin too tan,she's a bitch,she's lightened, she acts white,she's too ghetto.Can't we congratulate her on being on the cover of Vanity Fair and being the first black woman to do so in over 10 years??Whether she was lightened or not..WE KNOW SHE"S BLACK!! Some people act like she pulled a Michael Jackson.
When she was on the cover of Essence nobody said shit,now when on the white magazine she gotta be this and that.

Now I myself have recently poked fun at Fantasia for her not being able to read,but it's the nature of this site and a few others to be funny and mock certain things.But when I see real media only looking at Fantasia as the posterchild for illiteracy it's shameful...what about her being raped at 14,what about being a single mother on welfare and despite all 3 of those obstacles,making her biggest dream come true and she could have quietly got a tutor and learned to read but she went public to help others.Now her hometown wants to take down signs that read "Welcome to High Point, home of Fantasia Barrino." because she talks badly of her hometown but that hometown failed her and her family..fuck them(High Point) too.

That was my 2 cents.Researching through media of all forms to get the latest scoop or piece of gossip, I came across way too many people getting a negative light for little or no reason.Now,Paris Hilton...she deserves it!
Now let the backlash of me begin!

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I'm with you when you're right and you damn sho right honey!!! We ain't never satisfied...if we as a people could turn some of that negative and critical energy towards those who really deserve it and learn to congratulate instead of hate we could go so far!!!

By Blogger Jazzy, at October 19, 2005  

See... this is WHY I love you... We are sooooooo on the same wave length. I have been having this ongoing debate with Claycane on his blog and via email about Beyonce.

But really, its not about Beyonce. Its more about her cultural relevance, and contributions. He limited her to just a pop tart spit out by the music machine. That is a Ciara, not Beyonce. She sings, she writes, she produces, she acts, and performs her azz off. She works hard. And I give props where props are due.

Beyonce is making moves and being smart about it. She uses what she has to her advantage. She avoids scandal and drama and she tries to be a good role model. I think its admirable.

Even if the picture on Vanity Fair was lightened... she has no control over their inner mechanisms for production. That is a Vanity Fair issue.

The crab syndrome is sickening sometimes.

By Blogger prodigalsun, at October 19, 2005  

It is a shame how folks are needlessly attacking Fantasia. She definitely could've kept quiet about her illiteracy. I thought it was cool that she admitted to it. It is cool that she was able to overcome such odds to become the 3rd American Idol. Of course the media doesn't see that. They think all there is to her is her illiteracy.

And I'm with prodigalsun, Beyonce is definitely taking advantage of the spotlight while she can. Yeah, she's overrated INHO but she's smart. You can't take that from her. If as it's claimed her picture is lightened, she has no control over that.

I do enjoy reading celebrity news from time to time as much as the rest of us do, but yeah it does get out of hand sometimes.

Thanks Ms. Holiday for your continued objectivity. That's one of the reasons why I love you so much..:-)

By Blogger E, at October 19, 2005  

I admire the hell outta Fantasia for having the guts to come forward with her story and be so honest. I have no doubt that some other young girls with similar challenges, similar life experiences will benefit from her story.

One thing we know for sure about Fantasia is that she is very spiritual. And doesn't the Bible say that He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise? God has his hand on that child and no weapon formed against her is gonna prosper, just look at the record: Not one has so far...

Kudos to Fantasia!

By Blogger ~ Eclectic Soul ~, at October 21, 2005  

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