October 07, 2005


I am a girl that believes in doing what you have to do to make it in this world as long as you're not compromising your morals,hurting someone else, selling your soul,or doing it illegally.Who am I to tell Jenna Jameson that what she does is wrong and she should stop and give back all the millions of dollars she's earned as a porn star?I mean,what's the difference between a pop star shaking her ass in a thong in a music video and an adult entertainer shaking her ass in a thong in the strip clubs or on the web...a cameo from Diddy?

But I am off of the topic that I wanted to express.Today I watched Tyra Banks help her porn counterpart, Tyra Banxxx, decide that fucking for money was not for her.But outside of "TYRALAND", because of her porn past ,will Banxx last?Can a girl who wanted fame and money and found it(though in porn) find happiness as a secretary?...Just wondering.
Do ya think she could have made it as a fashion model like she wanted to be?
Take a look at these Tyra Banxxx pics and you decide.
To see her uncensored view here

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