November 04, 2005


Hollyhood is filled with some of the most sexiest stars.From the early days of Marilyn Monroe to Halle Berry,a beautiful face with a svelte,hot body has always been the ticket to stardom.But I've noticed something,that image is not so easliy kept.A lot of these sex kittens face the battle that most of us go through..well not me,I'm perfection.The battle is with food,the battle of the bulge.Is it possible that the world is ready to change it's perception of sex appeal and finally accept a plus sized diva as a full blown sex siren?Hell NO! We buy into all of those magazine airbrushings and digital reimaging and we want to see our stars looking like how we paid them to look.We like our rapper thugs dirty and our athletes muscular.The stars we deem as sexy, get paid millions,get you a trainer,a good nutritionist,a little lipo or somethin'..get it together bitches!

Janet has dealt with weight issues since she was a teenager.Her on again off again affair with cheeseburgers have long been the subject of much negative press.This a recent picture that I found.I pray to Jenny Craig that it's not real.

Beyonce has always been a Popeye's biscuit from plus size.Her weird stances and poses on the red carpet and in videos that she does to hide her flab sometimes remind me of Gumby.

Mariah's weight, like her voice, has been all over the scale.You would think that with her love of all things tight and short,that her stomach would be.She is an event dieter and will lose 15lbs quickly for an event.Who could forget when she painted on abs for a performance.

Let's not forget some of the former kittens that also have been drafted into the battle of the bulge:
Jackee of 227 &Kirstie Allie- have both had dramaticaly embarassing public diets but in the end they both look great.I am actually proud when I look at those Jenny Craig commercials and I see Kirstie's latest body,she looks great.

Delta Burke-played the shady,wisecracking,vain,concieted beauty queen on the 80's show, Designing Women.Her weight gains have lost her a career.Fans could bot see their fave glamour girl looking less than that.

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