November 25, 2005


I've asked readers to send in several of their dating stories and the response was great.Many of you around the world experience similar good,bad,and ugly experiences.
Dating is not easy,being single is a double edged minute you are happy to be free and without the weight of commitment and the next,you realize that it's just you in that big ass house.But let's not foget,the greatest part of any success was the journey it took to get there.

As I begin to wrap up Single Sexy and So What Week, I hope that many of you realized that being single is not the end of the world,having time to work on you and getting to know yourself and being selfish for once is a great makes finding that special person that much more sweeter.
So here is an edited list of some of your dating stories that was e-mailed to me...thanks everybody that participated and although I would have loved to put them all I just couldn't:

1-I went with a guy to our town's fair and he met another girl while I was in the bathroom and he left with her.

2-"Tim" seemed just fine online. He contacted me first, with an eloquent and sincere email.We had some pretty good AIM conversations, AND we clicked over the phone , as well. He arranged something pretty impressive for the first date. He said he would pick me up (yes, I learned my lesson!) and take me to an Italian restaurant, and then to a club. I thought it sounded wonderful and could not wait.
Date night rolls around. He shows up in his souped-up Camaro. He steps out. Here is the only good part: his pictures did not do him justice. He was gorgeous. The first man I met off the 'net who was a complete hunk, for lack of a better word.

At dinner, he asked me inappropriate questions such as if I would sleep with another woman for money. At that point, I would have slept with ROSIE O' DONNELL to simply get me away from HIM! The rest of the night involved wreckless driving, awkward silences,awful music, and his high school-ish antics...such as "punching" my arm. At one point, he turned one of his songs especially loud while announcing, "listen! this one's about DATE RAPE! Probably not the best song to be playing now, huh? Ha!".He insisted on driving through a Wendy's, where he told me he stopped all the time "when he gets the munchies after getting stoned". A charmer!

3-Married forty years; widowed three months, I went online, on the night of what would have been 'our' 41st wedding anniversay....searching for companionship...."Friendship First" was the specification,from 'there,' whatever! The first and only "picture and profile" to appear when my 'mouse' clicked into Yahoo Personals "local males in Charleston, S.C." was a man with the nickname of "Wolf" a handsome man twenty-four years my junior.

"Wolf" and I Im-ed for two hours, the entire time professing great interest in our meeting. I was hesitant; caught-up in the 'age thing;' feeling 'strange'to do-so. "Wolf" assured me NOT to concern myself with such nonsense;he was 'fine with it,' thus proceeding to IM me 'personal references,' proving he was ALL he said he was and MORE! he WAS/IS an 'o.k. guy.' Living only two miles apart, we agreed to meet mid-way for breakfast.To say there was "mutual chemistry" there would be putting it mildly, scary as it was, there was definitly MORE than just "physical attraction!"

At the time of our first get-together, I thought of "Wolf" as a man I could truly care for. I was NOT looking upon him as a son, I had/have two, just about a year or two older than he; "Wolf" was/is NOT looking for a "mom," his lives a mile from my/our apartment; I have NEVER, nor do I NOW financially support him, he is very generous towards me and my wants and needs; he's an excellent provider, though MOST of all a warm, loving, compassionate man whom I absolutely love,idolize,admire and adore!
Against my four children's wishes (they ALL attended the same high school,at the same time hence the "objection") "Wolf" and I married sixteen months to the day of our first meeting. NEVER in OUR ENTIRE lives has either one of us EVER been HAPPIER and we owe it all to Yahoo personals!

4-Out of sheer boredom, I placed a personal ad. Hilarity ensued in the form of many f*cked up responses (including numerous ones from girls who didn't quite grasp that I'm GAY and thus not looking for a girl...or perhaps they thought they were so incredibly hot that I'd switch teams).
About a month after placing the ad,I finally recieved one that seemed ok.He was definitely my type and was looking for the same things.When we met up after about a month,I was pleased to see that I found him(and he I) very attractive and he was as fabulous as our conversations.
We've been together for 3.5 years and had a civil union a few months ago.

5-I had a date with this guy one time, he was nice, the sex was great, but when we were picking our clothes up to get dressed, I discovered that he wore prettier panties than I did.

6- I have been with this man for the past three years. He works for the largest cable company in Phx. This man neglected to tell me about all of his kids until we were living together. I thought he had 3 boy oh no, he has 9 kids. The youngest is only 3. Anyway, I have found out via emails that this man has been cheating on me the entire time. He is listed on several internet dating sites, drives a 47 chevy and tells women his last translates to "love". He is behind in child support to one wife. He uses the women he meets on his "house calls" for sex and money.

7- I met a guy on line who was a comedian from a large Midwestern city. We chatted for several weeks on line and on the phone and got along fine. One day he encouraged me to get a web cam. I thought they were expensive, but he told me I could get one for $20, so I did. He had one as well.
One day, while we were on the cams together, I got a phone call. I was still at my desk while I took the call so I could see him while I talked. Evidently he forgot that he was on the cam because while I was slightly diverted (but not totally) he got a call on his cell phone and although he moved from in front of the cam I heard everything he was saying.He was making a date with some girl for a quickie.So when he came back into view I pretended my phone rang and moved from view and recited the same conversation he had.Then I stuck up my middle finger and unplugged the cam and never spoke to him again.

8-I met a guy on a chatline to meet black masculine men and I connected with a brotha that was hella cool.2 hours later we were supposed to meet up and it turned out that he not only lied about his description,what he'd be wearing and his car,but he was a fat white guy trying to talk black.I swore I was on punk'd.

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Wow...those were some interesting stories, especially the ones that worked out.

By Blogger E, at November 28, 2005  

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