November 22, 2005


Gay dating is not as easy as it looks.From the outside looking in,it appears that 2 guys see each other on the street,gaydar flashes and then it's on and poppin'.WRONG.My gay friends have just as hard as a time as I do in the finding adequate dates in the city.Yes it's come to that sweeties...adequate.

But for all you men that like men there is hope.There's a gay dating coach,
Jim Sullivan, that gives private lessons.I guess he's a gay version of Hitch so that makes him(insert your own joke).
There is also a book called "The Mandates: 25 Real Rules for Successful Gay Dating" by Dave Singleton .After many years of serial monogamy, Dave Singleton went to the front lines to find out, exploring the lives of other gay men who found themselves on the dating fast track with guys they'd met from work, at the gym or bars, and, increasingly, on the Internet. Thus, The Mandates was born-a laugh out loud but completely true set of rules about the making (or breaking) of men's romantic relationships.

Here is a guide to tell you if you're flirting or cruising written by dating coach Jim Sullivan and made funny by me.

You're flirting if you... You're cruising if you...

(flirting)Smile when your eyes meet. (cruising)Snarl when your eyes meet
(flirting)Complement his eyes. (cruising) Complement his thighs
(flirting)Ask his name. (cruising) Ask if he's a top or bottom
(flirting)Touch your face while you're talking.(cruising) Touch his ass while you're talking
(flirting)Talk about the weather.(cruising) Talk about getting wet
(flirting)Worry about the small talk.(cruising) Worry about the small dick
(flirting)Putting on a little chap stick. (cruising)Licking your lips
(flirting)Introduce him to your friends.(cruising) Point him out to your friends
(FLIRTING)Ask him what he wants(CRUISING) Ask him what he's into

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