November 10, 2005

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The New York Daily News reports theater owners are reportedly concerned that 50 Cent's big-screen debut 'Get Rich or Die Tryin'' may inspire copycat violence, with some multiplexes indicating they may bring in extra security. "Concerns like this can apply to any movie with violence, though 'Get Rich' may get a little more scrutiny because of the reputation of the star," says Paul Dergarabedian, president of the box-office tracking firm Exhibitor Relations. "But all this does, really, is serve to create a mythology around the movie. It may create a mystique around it and make it a success, similar to 50 Cent's musical persona." Read more.

A deejay who was sued earlier this year by Kanye West to keep him from distributing some of West's unreleased songs has filed a countersuit against the rapper.
Eric "E-Smoove" Miller disputes West's contention that the two didn't have a contract. In Miller's lawsuit, he argues that West worked for and with Miller in the mid-1990s on recordings of 10 songs, including "Ho!!!" and "Stop Frontin'."

Attorneys for the Grammy-winning West claim Miller offered the songs to distributors using a fake contract with West's fake signature.
Miller's countersuit, filed Oct. 28, claims Miller co-authored the recordings and that West agreed Miller's company would own them.

West's lawsuit seeks at least $1.3 million and to ban Miller from using West's name or voice in connection with the recordings. His attorney, Philip Hoffman, said the countersuit is without merit because there has to be a written contract to use West's work or his name and there is no such agreement.
Miller, who owns Focus Music Group in Richton Park, is seeking $10.48 million and wants to be allowed to profit from the recordings.


New Weekly magazine reports that Christina Aguilera's fiance Jordan Bratman is fuming after she was flirting with dancers at Scores and pretending to put on a show for them in Las Vegas. "When she started pretending to strip off he looked pretty angry," a source told NW. "His face froze and he stormed off. She followed straight away." Read more.

THE Bravo program,Inside the Actor's Studio, which begins taping its 12th season later this month will welcome Dave Chapelle, Queen Latifah and Martin Lawrence among the talent scheduled to appear in the hot seat for the upcoming season, it was announced Monday.
Other invited guests include Barbara Walters, Al Pacino and “The Producers” stars Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane.
"The 12th season is very special for 'Inside the Actors Studio' because it has such an unusual range," says Lipton. "From the iconic work of Al Pacino to the sharp contemporary comedy - and commentary - of Dave Chappelle and Queen Latifah, to the historic presence of Barbara Walters, to the hilarity of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, to the unbridled brilliance of Martin Lawrence, I suspect the show and I are in for a hell of a ride."

Veritable unknown Nashawn Kearse will replace actor Page Kennedy on Desperate Housewives, who was let go from the ABC show by its producers on Friday. Kearse has appeared in small roles on TV's Entourage (as Saigon's cousin), Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Deadline as well as in the movies Taxi (as a cop in Harlem) and Marci X, according to Variety.

Kennedy, 28, was dismissed after a "thorough investigation by the studio," the show's publicist Janet Daily told the Associated Press. She did not say what the investigation was about. Kennedy, who joined Housewives this season, played Caleb, a character being held in the basement of Wisteria Lane newcomer Betty Applewhite, played by Alfre Woodard. Kennedy's character has only been seen briefly – most memorably when he tried to escape his dreary confinement. Kennedy's final appearance on the show will be Sunday.

His rep Lana Walker told PEOPLE, "I no longer represent him" and declined further comment. In October Kennedy told PEOPLE he was unsure of his character's future on the show: "I don't know what I'm doing in the next episode, much less at the end off the season," he said. "Hey, if I’m out of work next season, hopefully a lot of people saw me so I can move on."

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I am dying to know what the hell he did. A hollywood personality being penalized for 'misconduct'?!? lol What the hell did he do?

By Blogger prodigalsun, at November 10, 2005  

Nashawn Kearse looks real cute in that pic... hmmm.

By Blogger ~ Eclectic Soul ~, at November 10, 2005  

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