November 17, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 11/17

Page Kennedy is denying a National Enquirer story that claimed his firing from ABC's "Desperate Housewives" came after he allegedly exposed himself to two female crew members.
"The truth is Touchstone decided to go in a different direction, and they bought out my contract,' the 28-year-old actor said, according to Contact Music. "Anything you've heard to the contrary is all false."
As previously reported, the Enquirer quoted sources on the Universal Studios set who say Kennedy exposed himself to a “young female assistant,” and then a few days later to a female assistant director.
I definitely need my city (Detroit) to know and understand what's going on," Kennedy said. "The challenge I have right now is trying to get the truth out as aggressively as they got the rumors out. That's the problem. If the truth isn't as juicy as the rumors, who cares? That's what sucks."
As previously reported, Kennedy’s role of Caleb has been filled by actor Nashawn Kearse.

A former music partner of the late Ray Charles is suing the filmmakers of "Ray" for the manner in which he is portrayed in the movie. The New York Daily News reports that lawyers for Garcia (Gossie) McKee, 85, have filed a complaint in California Superior Court against writer-director Taylor Hackford and distributor Universal, among others, alleging that "'Ray' falsely depicts McKee... plotting to cheat, exploit and take advantage of Charles." Gossie, portrayed in the film by Terrence Howard, was shown taking advantage of Charles' blindness by skimming money off the top of their paychecks from club gigs in Seattle. McKee's attorney, Stephen Rohde, told the Daily News' Lowdown column: "He was one of the loyal supporters of Ray Charles early in Ray's career, and that's why it was so disturbing."

Jennifer Lopez is working on a deal with MTV to produce a reality show that would shadow several aspiring dancers in Los Angeles who are trying to become stars. J.Lo's company Nuyorican Prods is currently in discussions with the music channel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The actress/singer would executive produce the series with Simon Fields, a partner in her company.

OK! magazine spoke with No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani and asked if she and hubby Gavin Rossdale of Institute plan on having children. "You know, it's definitely on my dream list," Stefani responded. "One of the big reasons I wanted to do this dance record was because I knew that my passions were going to change soon and I'm going to want to have a family. But right now I'm trying to live in the moment and really enjoy this wave that I'm riding. It's not really up to me, is it? If it happens it happens, it'll happen when... To me it's such a miracle anyway, that when it's supposed to happen to me, I guess it will."

Organizers of the American Music Awards have released a list of freebies to be given to celebrities at the annual ceremony. Will Smith, Missy Elliott, Carmen Electra and Gwen Stefani are among the stars to receive the gift bag of 100 items, including ownership of an acre of land on the moon, Sirius Satellite Radio equipment, a Blackberry 8700C, driving lessons in a F1/Nascar, iPod docking stations, Firefly children’s cell phones, Sandals Resorts vacation packages, Michael Jordan cologne and Akimbo Video On Demand players. The gift packages were assembled by Steve Stein of Hollywood Connection and are each valued at approximately $33,000 in honor of the show’s 33rd anniversary.

Heidi Fleiss is getting back into the business. The former "Hollywood Madam," 39, says she's planning to turn a Southern Nevada brothel called the Cherry Patch Ranch into a resort featuring male prostitutes serving an all-female clientele, the Associated Press reports. "I am moving to Crystal," Fleiss, speaking from her Hollywood home, said of a desert crossroads 20 miles north of Pahrump and about 80 miles outside of Las Vegas – where the only businesses are two bordellos and little else. (Prostitution is legal in certain areas of the gambling state.)

"I am opening up a stud farm," Fleiss declared. "I am going to have the sexiest men on earth. Women are going to love it." Joe Richards, owner of the Cherry Patch Ranch and the nearby Mabel's Ranch, tells AP that he dispatched a "courtesy" letter Tuesday to inform the Nye County Commission that he's hiring Fleiss "to be madam hostess of Cherry Patch Ranch." Only, there's a hitch: County Sheriff Tony DeMeo said that because Fleiss is a convicted felon – who served 21 months for money laundering, tax evasion and attempted pandering before her release from prison in 1999 – she could be banned from the county's legal sex trade. In 1995, Fleiss was convicted of running a prostitution ring in which models-turned-prostitutes were flown around the world to meet wealthy actors and clients who paid as much as $10,000 for a single encounter. As for her prospective new position, the six-member brothel licensing board reportedly will decide upon the matter. Even so, says Fleiss, movers are packing her up and "I'm moving." She reportedly plans to arrive in Nevada later this week.

The bad news is that Nicole and Eddie Murphy are in the middle of a bareknuckle divorce fight.
But the good news is that Nicole, whose 12-year-old marriage to Murphy produced five children, apparently approves of her estranged hubby's rumored new girlfriend, "Access Hollywood" weekend anchor Shaun Robinson.
The 44-year-old movie star and comedian has been linked to everyone from Mariah Carey and Robin Givens to - embarrassingly - a cross-dressing hooker with whom he was found by the LAPD in 1997. (Murphy wasn't arrested, and has said he was helping "her.")
"At least he's got a good one this time," the 37-year-old Nicole was overheard confiding to her boyfriend, Atlanta businessman Alan F. Daniels, over a late lunch this week at the Fred Segal store in L.A.
Her husband doesn't feel the same about her choice in men. According to published reports, Daniels is named in the divorce papers. "Nicole Murphy shall be restrained and enjoined from having the children in the physical presence of Alan F. Daniels," Eddie's divorce petition states.
While a Lowdown spy listened from the next table, Nicole went on: "Eddie was Shaun Robinson's date at the 'Access Hollywood' 10th-anniversary party, and they also went to a Dave Chappelle show together. And I heard she's been to the house a few times."
The battling Murphys have a $10 million-plus estate in Beverly Hills - just a fraction of the assets in play.
My spy told me: "Nicole's tone was very 'good riddance.' She is so over him. She looks amazing. And she and her boyfriend were all over each other."
Yesterday, Eddie's PR rep, Paul Bloch, declined to comment on the Robinson connection. But a flack for "Access Hollywood" told me: "Shaun and Eddie are good friends, that's it."

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