November 28, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 11/28

don't forget the tyra vs karrine superhead steffans on tyra TODAY....

ALICIA Keys is extremely guarded about her private life - so much so that that some have wrongly concluded that the songbird is not interested in men. But they'd be wrong. The Grammy-winning artist has been quietly dating music producer Kerry Krucial for the past year. The two have even formed their own production company, Krucial Keys, and sources say "they are so in love." Keys' rep declined comment.

Sandro Monetti of Sky News reports that 50 Cent is currently dating four actresses at once, including Elise Neal, Joy Bryant, Nia Long and Meagan Good.

The New York Post hears that Christina Aguilera was so worried guests would be able to see panty lines during her wedding to Jordan Bratman last week, the singer went panty-less under her Christian Lacroix wedding gown.

Star magazine caught up with Ashlee Simpson and her boyfriend/bandmate Ray Brady in Texas, on their way to the airport, on Saturday (November 26). Asked about how her sister Jessica Simpson is doing in wake of the announcement she's splitting up with husband Nick Lachey. "Jessica's doing great," Ashlee said. "We all had a good Thanksgiving, all the family was together and we had a wonderful time. We didn't even talk about Jessica's breakup from Nick; it wasn't something we wanted to dwell on. Jessica's happy and she's absolutely fine. The only thing that stressed Jessica out was our grandparents' worry over all the attention she's getting. Jessica spent most of the holidays trying to reassure them that she's OK and that everything is good." Read

Marcia Cross is facing the axe from Desperate Housewives to give the critically battered television show a much-needed boost. Insiders also say that bosses want to kill off one of the five characters — and control freak Bree van de Kemp has been singled out as the most likely to be moving out of Wisteria Lane forever!That would leave Nicollette Sheridan, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman to entertain viewers of ABC's Desperate Housewives.We can reveal writers have been locked in secret talks about the shocking plan. Sources say Cross is the favorite to bow out in an episode during May sweeps, when top ratings will be crucial to guarantee the show's

Terrence Howard has reportedly joined Morris Chestnut on Splitsville Lane. The New York Post is reporting that the “Hustle & Flow” actor has left his wife of 14 years after she revealed her love for an old high school sweetheart.
Howard has reportedly been dating Dayanara Torres Delgado, the ex-wife of J.Lo’s husband, Marc Anthony. The Latin singer walked down the aisle with Lopez only four days after his divorce from Delgado.
During a break at the recent Diversification Awards in Hollywood, Howard was spotted by Post spies outside of the Beverly Hills Hotel phoning Delgado to warn her that he had spilled the beans on their relationship during red carpet interviews.
"I just told a television reporter about us. I told the whole story. I love you!" he reportedly said.
According to the Post, the “whole story” is that Howard and had a relatively amicable split four months before the actor met Delgado.
Terrence felt compelled to tell all because he and Dayanara had been dating in secret, and he saw absolutely no reason for that.
"She went through so much over Marc Anthony. I don't want her to have to have a secret," he said.
Last week, reports surfaced that Chestnut and his wife Pam had separated. The couple has two children.

Hooked, a documentary film exploring the online cruising phenomenon through the stories of gay men from around the country, will be released on Jan. 24 from Eclectic DVD and Babalu. Director Todd Ahlberg's film looks at all aspects of the phenomenon, including the thrill of the anonymous hook-up, the party and play online drug scene, sexual addiction and isolation. For more information, visit

Trace magazine's current December issue pays tribute to the late Notorious B.I.G. with exclusive, never-before-printed images taken on the night his album 'Ready to Die' went platinum. Photographer Jeff Gamble gives Trace unlimited access to the emotions of a hip-hop immortal on a significant night. The publication also hung out with London's youth crews and "Get Rich or Die Tryin" actress Serena Reeder. Also, Trace sat down with New York's finest lady deejays to find out their first rites of initiation, sources of musical inspiration and best tracks of all time.

WHICH hard-partying hottie has herpes? The unlucky gal is notorious for calling her pharmacist and screaming that her Valtrex prescription be filled "Now! It's an emergency!" The pharmacist is sick of how she treats him and is telling other customers about her blistery problem?

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Hmmm...Chestnut is back on the market, huh? I see a lot of catfights about to brew...*LOL*.

Oh Joy Bryant...I used to like you. Why she would get herself caught up with 50 cent is beyond me.

They better not kill Bree..if anything, they should kill Susan..*LOL*.

The new documentary sounds interesting. I may have to check that one out.

As always, thanks for sharing the latest information with us..:-)

By Blogger E, at November 28, 2005  

is it paris hilton with herpes

By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 29, 2005  

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