November 08, 2005

GOSSIP 2 GO 11/8

JESSICA Alba is ready and willing to do a nude scene — but her father is holding back. "I'm going to have to face that when a big director who I really respect has an amazing story, it might be necessary to do a nude scene," Alba tells Britain's Zoo magazine. "But I probably couldn't sleep well at night being naked in [a movie]. My father would lose his mind." Not that she hasn't been asked to take it all off before: "The scripts I get are always for the whore, or the motorcycle chick in leather, or the horny maid. I get all those screenplays that start, 'Tawnya is in the shower. The water streams down her naked, perky breasts.' Somehow, I don't think this is happening to Natalie Portman." To the surprise of no one, the "Sin City" sexpot reveals that while auditioning for roles, she has been propositioned by several directors. "Of course I've been asked," she says. "But from a really crass point of view, if I just want to [bleep] somebody, I don't really want to see him in the morning, much less every day during filming."

JAMIE Foxx was disappointed he couldn't get J Records to pay for a second day of filming on "Unpredictable" last week. Sources say Foxx, taking a break from filming "Miami Vice," was at Cipriani 23rd Street shooting the music video with director Hype Williams. Foxx's album drops Dec. 6. "Hype told him the video could be really hot if he could have one more day, but that's another couple hundred thousand dollars and J Records said no," our spy said. After Foxx was turned down, he "pouted the rest of the day" and started mimicking J Records head Clive Davis.

DoD, the first-ever all video-on-demand virtual channel targeting the hip-hop and urban market, will launch as a free service on Comcast's On Demand service on Friday (Nov. 11).
DoD is the new grassroots brand and VOD subsidiary of Simmons Lathan Media Group, founded by Media Entrepreneur Will Griffin, in partnership with Hip-Hop Mogul Russell Simmons and Television Pioneer Stan Lathan.
The channel will feature fresh content with monthly themes hosted by their own VJ personalities. Programming will include mix tapes and video mix shows; music- and sports-celebrity-driven documentary series; local market content; short- and feature-length films; "old school" classics; fashion and comedy specials.

Britney Spears is releasing a new album in two weeks, but you probably haven't heard anything about it ... and that, perhaps, is the idea.One of the music world's most famous pop princesses is about to roll out a remix LP without the crush of press, publicity and advertising that usually accompanies all things Britney.But while the new album's been mostly kept under wraps by her label, word is slowly trickling out, and so are some of the tracks, including the album's one new song, "And Then We Kiss."

You're probably going to see a bunch of fans picking the mothballs off their "Let the LOX go!" T-shirts and pulling them out of the closet. The Yonkers, New York, rappers are so fed up with record-label politics that we may never hear an official the group's Styles P. and Jadakiss say that they will no longer put out solo LPs.

Waiting for a reunion of former Children of the Corn members and childhood friends Cam'ron and Mase? Don't hold your breath. If you listen to the latest G-Unit mixtape, it sounds like Murda Mase was throwing a subliminal jab towards Killa Cam with the line "This is Murda ni--a, I named you Killa." Cam is laughing Mase off. "I can't even feed into Mase," the head of the Diplomats said last week. "We played you last year. We gave you a shot to get back at us. G-Unit is not going to do nothing to help you really put us out of business. We not going nowhere. So Mase is not really on the radar.""You talking about you gonna slap somebody and [having a love affair with] Brandy. And just about seven months ago, you was holding hands on Hot 97 praying," Cam continued to scoff. Killa also says that Mase tried to sign with the Diplomats this summer. "We got pictures of Mase this June with the Back Like Cooked Crack shirt on, holding his fist up," Cam revealed. "He was signing the Purple Haze CD, with the song 'Take Em to Church' on the CD. I can't feed into Mase. I wish you the best of luck, God bless you — when I say 'God bless you,' I mean it for real. I hope this works out for you and that's the end of it. I don't have nothing to say about him. If anything happens on our end, probably one of my dudes might air him out on a [mix]tape or something. But I'm done." Mase could not be reached for comment. ...

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Hey, I'm wearing my glasses and it's still a little difficult to read the small font size. Could you make it a tad bigger?


By Blogger SMW, at November 08, 2005  

If Jaime really thought an extra day of shooting would make the video so tight, he should've footed the extra cost himself.

By Blogger E, at November 08, 2005  

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