November 23, 2005


This post's topic is about the secret dating rules that a lot of men use.I got it from
Now as much as I despise games,I am not ignorant to the fact the "dating games" do exist and sometimes it's play or be played.Having the knowledge of the games gives you an upper hand.Some of these games are so stupid and utterly hilarious because not only have I fall victim to some but a lot of my girls too.
Here are a few of those games and my commentary written in parenthesis((...))

5. Wait three days before calling back
The idea behind this dating rule of thumb is to make sure that your new squeeze doesn't think you're desperate to see her. And it's become a golden rule because it often works. Many women know the dating game, and want to see if their new man can play it. Prove that you can by keeping it cool, and resisting the urge to follow up on a meeting too promptly. Just make sure not to wait longer than a few days to call back, or she may cool off entirely.
((Hello...a call the next day shows a woman that you are interested.The longer you wait the more the woman thinks she wasted her time giving you the number.Just don't call right away call the next day,just to say hi))

4. Take her where everyone knows your name
Another way to impress your new woman early in the game is to go somewhere where you already have a great reputation. By taking her to one of your usual haunts, you'll get to showcase your smooth self in action among your vast circle of acquaintances. Whether it's a simple greeting from a DJ at the club or a restaurant manager who hooks you up with the best table, a display of social clout will definitely make an impact on your date. It's a surefire way to let her know that she's caught herself a real man.
((Some girls(like me) are not impressed by that.Although if you know the chef or the owner of the club that's surefire knowing the d.j. or the people at a bar shows that your ass is there too much))

3. Resist sleeping with her early on
Aside from the fact that withholding yourself will keep her wanting you more, adhering to this rule also shows her that you're a man who isn't ruled by his loins. Don't hold back entirely, though; kiss her passionately as if you were going to have sex, then pull away. Doing so will heighten the sexual tension and will be a huge turn-on for her. And when you finally do decide to do the deed, your patience and self-control will end up paying huge dividends in the bedroom.
((Excuse me...but here's a secret fellas.WE control when the sex happens.Deny us and it may be your last to try us))

2. Limit your spending
One of the best ways to know if she's a keeper is to find out how much money she expects you to spend on her. On early dates, take her to places where you don't have to spend much, such as a coffee shop, lounge or boardwalk. This will give you a chance to figure out whether she's all about you... or your wallet. Mind you, don't cheap out completely, or she'll just think you're a bum.
((WHAT???...Spending money on a nice restaurant shows a girl that she's special.Although some women may think you're trying too hard or that you're expecting something.))

1.. Don't flatter her too much
While it's true that you will have to do some flattering in your initial flirtations, keep it toned down. The worst thing you can do is lay on the compliments too thick at the beginning. Rather than inflating her head, see if she can enjoy your company and conversation without an accompanying ego massage.

((This is sooo wrong.We should be complimented at least 2x an hour,it shows that not only that you're paying us attention but that you're interested in us and find us pretty.Women are constantly scrutinizing ourselves and situations,so by you telling us we're pretty,sexy,or interesting we feel assured and more comfortable and when we're assured and comfortable...foreplay can't be too far behind))

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