November 07, 2005


Here at Hollyhood Blogazine I could never get the real interviews that I'd like...yet.But because I happen to be one of those people that actually know a lot of the stars I talk about... personally,I feel that I have a right to do an interview the way they would have if I was interviewing them.So here for the first time is:

Hollyhood's Fake Interviews

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing one of music's biggest stars.Welcome,Miss Mariah Carey.
M.C.-Thank you,thank you.
H.B.-How are you...can I call you Mimi?
H.B.-Mimi, the woman you emancipated on your new cd.
M.C.-I'm not crazy.
H.B.-Okaaaaay,so how does it feel to have yet another hit?
M.C.-Who told you that? That was only once,Kate Moss said nobody would find out.
M.C.-Am I sitting on my good side?I HAVE to be shot on my good side.
mcmariah_carey mimi
H.B.-This isn't t.v. sweetie, it doesnt matter what side you're on.
M.C.-I'm not wearing panties.
H.B.-Ewww.Can you please just answer at least 1 question like a person not on crack?
M.C.-Yes.I'm also not wearing a bra.
H.B.- No panties,no bra?I thought they belong together...LOL
M.C.-That was corny.
H.B.-No,Glitter was corny.
M.C.-Can we talk about me?
H.B.-I was trying to.(deep breath)It's bananas how amazing your new cd is,was there a lot of pressure on you to have a big comeback album after so,so, so, many bad ones?
M.C.-I like bananas.
H.B.-What the fuck is wrong with you?I'm sitting here trying to ignore the fact that you have on an Osh Kosh jumper with no bra or panties on and carrying a Hello Kitty purse and matching umbrella.Nothing you're saying or doing makes sense.
B000AN09E4.01-A3JCXFCBRZKD77._SCLZZZZZZZ_ pokepokecom_1867_9305715
M.C.-(Mariah takes 2 pills and sips from her juice box and starts to blink wildly,she stops) How are ya?
H.B. Uhmmm are you ok Mariah?
M.C.-Please call me MiMi.
H.B.-MiMi,although you dress like a prostitute with a Platinum Card,your love life seems to be on the down low,do you date?
M.C.-I've been known to hold more than a microphone in these hands.
H.B.-I heard you dated Eddie Murphy recently.How did that happen?
M.C.-I saw Beverly Hills Cop once, so I figured that was fate telling me to fuck him.
H.B.-Huge #1 single,big selling CD,breasts younger than Britney's baby...what's next for you MiMi?
H.B.-Aww hell...get the fuck out whoever you are and thanks for coming.
M.C.-(puts one hand to her ear)Listen to what I can do...(and she lets out her trademark siren causing blood to trickle from my left nostril and my right ear.)
H.B.-thanx people...that was Mariah.
M.C.-Please call me Mimi...I'm not crazy!!

4 comment(s): literally gave me a heart attack..(ok fine, no I didn't have one)..I was dying laughing. You simply must keep doing these fake interviews. I loved it...:-)

By Blogger E, at November 07, 2005  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 08, 2005  

I'm on the floor! That was hot!

By Blogger FreekONature, at November 09, 2005  

You know what that was the interview of the year....that was sooo funny....

By Blogger Rose, at November 12, 2005  

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