November 19, 2005


No,I'm not begging you for funds for the various charities I'm associated with...yet(Christmas is coming..don't 4get the less fortunate).

Like I've written before,I'm dedicating next week to Single Sexy and So What Week.I'd love for everyone to e-mail (if applicable) a story or situation you had based on the topics below.

no story is too long(I will edit as needed)
your online dating stories
chatline dating
blind dates
best date
worst date
most embarassing dating moment
pick up
gay(what's the hardest part about dating the same sex)
what do you love/hate about being single?
are you a gold digger? tell me how's that working out for you.
only date a certain type?old?young?thug?fem?model?non-attractive?white?black?latino(a)?

Thanks sweeties,
and as always...if you want to remain anonymous please say so.
Once again, my e-mail is

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