November 03, 2005


Ok...I would like to apologize for the last template that I was using because although the idea was fab it really wasn't coming across as tight as I wanted it. I got rid of it because I wanted to,and as long as this blogazine is free I will continue to try things the way I want.I do love critiques and how I can be doing things better.But sweeties,in the end if I like something and everyone else doesn't, that is not reason enough for me to change.But that last format was tired...lolol.
So welcome back peoples and hello to the first timers,this is Hollyhood Blogazine and I am your host...Holiday N.
Today's edition features
Model Citizen...The sexy Liu Gross
Hollyhood's Shame on You...Mariah and Jennifer Lopez

and of course Gossip 2 Go

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